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  1. this song is a classic I must say and agree to anyone and everyone thats said that. Even though I feel like an idiot saying this....this song has got hops like the Blue man himself. P.S. Jvent I apologize for this but I'm the Wraithman yet changed my name cuase it made me look like an imbecile and the reason why I didn't try the "save as" is becuase once when I went to a different site I couldn't use the "save as" fuction so I completly Xed it out of the "trying" list so thanks anyway I got something for it so all I have to is click and I got it, Thanks! and again I say This song ROCKS!!!
  2. This is more mellow then Blue lightning and 2003 yet that doesn't really matter that flute keeps buzzing in my head and that percussion is so well timed it's an awsome song and it makes me can't wait for ME to get a studio so I can make a Remix out of this song as well!!!Awsome mix man!
  3. My Favorite song (from my favorite game) where has this been all my life?? I seriosly regret ever buying a PS2 now... *runs away from all the X-boc lovers who got mad at me for buying that crappy peice of junk* AWESOME SONG!!!
  4. WOW!!! THIS SONG ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!! The best of the best of these Flashman mixes! And the thing that makes this song so Awesome is that Intro/bass IT"S SO AWESOME! it is surly my favorite of all time!!
  5. Seduction you have really out done yourself with this neat and ultimatly cool song I hope for even cooler songs in the future from you and wish it to be from the same game any way THIS SONG IS AWASOME!!!!
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