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  1. They're great for recapturing the classics the way they were meant to be heard, but with a fresh new coat of paint. What's sad is that a lot of them would likely get a NO vote if they were created by the OCR community and submitted to the site because they're more of a 'cover' than a 'remix'. Which I personally don't agree with since they're still good listens. The focus of the tracks are to make the listener say "oh wow, I remember the original song to this! this is awesome!". and not keep them guessing as to what the heck the track is and MAYBE finding out what it is a cover of a minute into the track due to it being SO overly remixed it loses its original charm. Overall a great soundtrack which gives me NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD, and serves its purpose well. Personally a big fan of the Panel de Pon track. (and am I the only one who's expecting the Star Wars prologue to appear for the Zelda Main Theme track?)
  2. happy birthday Stanly (if that IS your real name.. which it probably isn't since I just pulled it out of an imaginary hat)
  3. you're in luck. Hazama's Pop-Up 80's mix was just posted on ReMix.ThaSauce.net you can nab it here... http://remix.thasauce.net/song/RTS0119/
  4. tough to just pick one, it's like eating JUST ONE POTATO CHIP... but after much deliberation... I have narrowed it down to A SINGLE CHOICE. Quest for Glory - Erana's Peace http://f4t4l.texnofobix.net/QFG1GM4.MID
  5. sort of like how Larry is an e-judge? *zing* but as to pertaining to the mix in question, the beginning had me a bit iffy, but then right at 00:39 it grabbed my attention and made me want to listen onward. k i'm already well over my post count for the year, here's to 2009!!
  6. good stuff, and i'm downloading it on dialup so that HAS TO SAY SOMETHING, RIGHT? but yeah, check it out everyone, you won't be disappointed.
  7. what a load of horseshit THAT is, I get complaints constantly from users to do something about bluefox because he is a constant nuisance. also take note of how many kicks in that list were likely as a result of people doing "!suicide" and kicking themselves on purpose.
  8. oh and one last thing... you summed it up perfectly, "nobody seems to care"
  9. i'm gonna make this short and sweet since I'm not gonna start a flame war with the likes of someone as yourself. next time if you're gonna bring your case to the table, don't omit out the stuff which totally warrants the use of those "Abuse Scripts", and anyone who frequents the OCReMix channel itself knows well enough you're deserving of every kick/ban you receive. You might be able to sway the sympathy vote from a few newbies who have no clue who you are, but for everyone else who has seen you in action, good luck with that. also post the logs of you stalking users like a creepy internet predator while you're at it since you're in the mood to air dirty laundry.
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