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  1. happy birthday rougeneuf
  2. k i played it and filled out the survey, and was rather unforgiving and relentless. but at the very least I hope I was informative. lulz. like I stated in the survey, SHMUPS are a dime a dozen, and it's hard to differentiate between one from another one, so you really need to do something with it to call it its own and make it stand out from the rest of the pack. but it's still in the very early stages so I'm not expecting it to exactly blow me away right now. just one thing I'd really like to see happen. either a larger playing area so there's more space to move. -or- a smaller ship to give the illusion of a larger playing area. also, mouse controls, so you can have some speed control for your ship movement.
  3. oh, he so made it. he is in fact They Might Be Giants. it's well documented.
  4. what? it's not a joke. it is absolute fact that with our 10 powers combined that we actually do make up Rick Astley. It is not my job to educate people, only to entertain.
  5. only on special occasions. all the other times I don't care what these mooks do or think... wait... CAN ANYONE ELSE READ THIS?!?1/

  6. looks like my predictions were correct. marriage would milk poor DJP dry and he wouldn't have the money to keep the site operational anymore. okay ReMix:ThaSauce, STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!!
  7. probably once the heat dies down from that Tales remix project this will get the respect it deserves. I could care less about myself, but for all the other remixers that put a lot of hard work into this, they deserve some recognition.
  8. a long and hard fought battle to finally get this finished, but we finally managed to wrap it up. Track Listing: Prophecy - High On Sim Life Monobrow - A Busy Sim is a Happy Sim Danimal Cannon - Dog Goes Moo Dale North - Little Computer People Mazedude - Dental Records Mustin - Sharp Dressed Sim F4T4L_3RR0R - SIMstem Malfunction Ryan8bit & CygnosiC - Don't Fret Evan Pattison - Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Jredd - Simpletons Bonus Track: (consisting of piecing together numerous artists works into creating one huge mashup) AmIEviL, Oceanfire, Leifo, Skrypnyk, Rellik, Lau, Fairlight, OCRE, insomnic, Protricity - Polygamy Is A Four Letter Word Download Link :: http://f4t4l.thasauce.net/music/Living%20on%20the%20Computer%20-%20A%20Sims%202%20ReMix%20Project.rar
  9. requires some more... Earthbound - Pokey Means Business Live-A-Live - Pure Odio Rudra no Hihou - Battle of the Last Enemy ~ Final Conflict Golden Axe - Death Adder TMNT (NES) - Mini-Boss music Double Dragon 2 - Boss music Streets of Rage 2 - Max Man Bahamut Lagoon - The Last Battle Contra 3 - Boss Theme ...ORSMTH but yeah, aside from my own selfish desires this is what I like to see. not just sticking to one single game and doing the WHOLE soundtrack, but rather taking what's good from several games and focusing on that. NEWSFLASH :: typically a whole soundtrack is not worthy enough of getting remixed. there ARE exceptions though... like The Magic of Scheherazade. lolololz
  10. happy birthday 6 days ago F4T4L. and happy birthday Cerrax today
  11. loolz. Thigh Master. I figure at this rate, I'll be wished a happy birthday every day up until March 5th of 2010. and if it were to happen, the irony being is I don't check the forums enough to see such a thing happen to feed my insatiable ego. So for those forum mooks that haven't yet wished me (or that birthday hijacker Powerlord) a happy birthday. HAVE AT IT!! or the beatings will commence.
  12. rofl. didn't that thing break? I recall asking you about it a few years back and if my memory serves me correctly, it is now part of the dearly departed.
  13. you forgot the 'bomb', and there's no spaces. NO WONDER YOU ALWAYS CUT THE WRONG WIRE!
  14. actually no, it's just my birthday. lulz. happy birthday to me. I like white cake and presents. (and no, the cake is very much the truth)
  15. i'd personally rather see songs totally void of any country/western origins get a country/western facelift. one song that always struck me as a Wild West horse-riding cowboy into the sunset song was the Dark World theme from Zelda3.
  16. idunno, that old DOS game "The Incredible Machine" always made me want to try crazy science experiments. Though it's not like I had a lot of the gadgets handy that that game offered. so that's about it.
  17. excellent. I especially like Kraid, Rest Ye Merry Mother Brain. and What Guardian is Legend?
  18. married a groupie? NEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRD!!!1!~ lololz. srsly though, congrats. Just make sure your kids remix too, (and take my remix requests since no one else will.)
  19. go get a Sim-ish game or a 4x strategy game. something that'll give you a few hours of replay value. or there's always puzzle games! idunno, I find it's better to occupy your time with a few games on and off than just focusing on one single particular game until you beat it to death and back. The old DOS game Darklands can keep me busy for countless hours because I just wander around killing stuff and doing odd jobs here and there in towns.
  20. I vividly remember the games, and they were some of the first turn-based strategy games for PC that really got me interested in PC gaming. Some of the music may be hard to work with as far as arranging it into something refreshing and new, but it was good mood music. Regardless if anyone was interested in remixing music from it I'd be more than interested in hearing the results. Old DOS games don't get enough remixing love! lol
  21. F4T4L


    continued again... Super Nintendo Entertainment System That's just a few I picked out from my creations. (sidenote, I screwed up on the Righteous Rapmaster Rocketship and made it a Colony Air vehicle rather than a UFO, and I don't know of any way to fix that.) add 'f4t4lv0id' to your Spore friendlist if you want to check out my other stuff.
  22. F4T4L


    cont... Magnum Cokecraft Sinistar Skyrunner (from Earthbound) and one last one for next post. lol
  23. F4T4L


    Here's a few of the UFO's I've made in Spore. You can save these .png's and drag and drop them into your game to load them in. Or you can add me to your friend list, either/or. (spore name is: f4t4lv0id) DJ Pretzel Chainsaw Porkchop Sandwich Righteous Rapmaster Rocketship (from TJ&E) continued in next post...
  24. lol. you and me both, Joe Romersa has a tendency to ruin Silent Hill tracks with his voice. see: Silent Hill 3 - Hometown. Both Hometown and Cradle of Forest would have been great if they offered instrumentals along with the lyrical versions, sadly they didn't. But as for a remix, I wouldn't mind hearing one of Cradle of Forest. (techno or not.)
  25. good stuff, I've always enjoyed your stuff over at RKO. keep em comin'!
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