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  1. Damned you truly rock, issuing your charity challenge. Obviously you already know that you do, but it is heart warming to see random strangers on the internet reaching out and showing human decency. I salute you. Your actions are truly inspiring. I am helping out with a local charity called Santa's Elves (collecting, wrapping, and delivering gifts to underprivelaged kids in my town) and donations like yours really are enough to restore even the most jaded bastard's faith in humanity. Seriously, thank you for being awesome.

  2. That would make sense I guess... but it totally pisses me off. I mean, why waste time blocking a totally benign site, when there are hundreds of sites out there just waiting to spread their digital herpes. BAH.

  3. Don't know why my laptop was being a ho about your images, but I just saw your new sig and I just have to give props!

  4. Thanks for the assist Flash Strife, BE MY FOREVER FRIEND!

  5. Hey DS, sorry to bug you but I have got a question regarding sig content. I want to make a sig using a classical painting that has nudity. Not raunchy drippy nudity or anything. I'll show you (first image on the page): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyx

    Nyx, Greek Goddess of the night. Before I start on it, I would like to know if it is or is not going to be a headache for you. I realize that there are kids that go to this site, but it is nothing you couldn't find in a museum, or even a text book. I realize it is a fine line though. I will respect your decision either way, just thought I would run it by you before I start anything.

  6. Aw, sorry for making more work for you, mp3 format is great! Hahaha, I just get this weird guilt thing when it is "name your price" especially if it is something I particularly want. I would be all "oh...I should have actually payed more for this album :( " every time it comes up in my song rotation.

    So I've sent the 3 pounds for the one song for now since I must have it! Also I'll send the rest (at least 7 pounds depending on how big payday is going to be) when I can for the rest of the album. Again sorry for all the trouble, it's an honesty/guilt thing and I always try to support musicians who I think deserve it.

  7. Hey Proto, I finally clicked your sig and listened to your album "Blue Noise!" I enjoyed it all. I REALLY fucking liked Blueberry Jam. Like, "dear god, someone call the police" liked.

    So I was wondering if it is possible to purchase just that one track. I can only part with £3 (about 6 of my lumberjack dollars) which I think is fair for ONE song, but not the entire album.

    If I had more disposable income at the moment I would just get everything, but the poverty fairy has taken up residence in my home. I don't want to cheapen the value of your work by paying less than I think it deserves... help me out here, is there a means to do so? Because it looks like it is all or nothing with no way to pick and choose (like iTunes I guess.)

  8. Hahaha, hey how's it going?

  9. Hey, how ya doing?

  10. ProtoDome, nice work on the Pokemon remix album.

    I liked a lot of what went onto the album, but I find I really enjoyed your remixes the most. It is crazy how varied they were!

    I don't normally go about fangirling the remixers (I don't really download many mixes at all) but I really want to acknowledge and give props to your cool tunes on this album.

    So yeah, *props* :)

  11. God, this makes me feel like such an obnoxious retarded fan girl, so I'll try to keep this as manly as possible. Your Daft Drafts song is freaking excellent, too excellent.... On a completely unrelated note, did you by any chance sign a contract from a strange horned individual shrouded in black clouds of sulfur and brimstone? Were there shrieking souls of the damned swirling around him? Did he request that you sign the contract in your own blood?

    Satanic blood contracts aside, thanks for the amazing music you bring to the site. Music is a big part of my life, and it is all the more enriched when I get to experience talent like yours. Truly thanks.

    Have a happy new year zircon, "don't ever stop."

  12. Hey, a fellow teacher! Cool beans! What's your specialty? I'm high school English/Social/Bio. Best of luck with finding a full time position. Lord knows I'll need all the luck I can get :lol:. Here in Canada, the prospects are pure ASS (established teachers getting laid off etc.) but ya gotta just keep trying.

  13. Sorry about the fat-assed sig, I`ll stick to standard sized ones from now on.

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