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  1. I would also like to see a remix of some songs from Final Fantasy VIII. Many of them are excellent candidates for a more classical approach, while quite a few others would make (or already have made) great hardcore mixes. One in particular that I'd like to see is a mix of "The Landing" that incorporates both of these aspects, taking a long, slow take on the tension in the beginning, followed by emphasizing the emotions of the heat of battle in the main theme.
  2. As a huge fan of 8, I was pleasantly surprised. "The Landing" is an excellent song, and this remix truly brings out some of the better aspects of the song. The synth, guitar, and drumline go together very well, and the addition of more classical instrument samples just gives it a more original feeling. This work of art, as is, captures the essence of traveling the streets of Dollet and the heat of battle very well. Everything flows smoothly from one transition to the next, and it brings back the feelings the original brought for me. The only thing I feel like this is missing is a bigger opening sequence. I couldn't feel the tension Squall felt as he looked out across the water; the beating heart and slow intro sequence adds such ambiance and emotion to the song, I couldn't possibly envision the song without it. In conclusion: lacking a little bit in the beginning, but truly an excellent arrangement. This song is drips emotion and feeling from every note.
  3. did i hear some Lava Reef in there? i swear i did... very good song, just a little too light for my taste. very good and very well done. keep up the good work. 8/10
  4. i like this song a lot. takes a nice slow beginning (very nice oriental instrumentals too) and works it with an awesome bass line and synth/techno. adding voice samples with echoes and stays true enough to the original. the thing i hate most about remixing music is bastardizing the original notes, aka changing or warping some parts but not others. none of that here! (yay!) overall, a 9.5 or so. very good song. keep up the good work, man.
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