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  1. One of my favorites. The structure is excellent, marred only by the arbitrary drum solo section at 2:06. The sound is top-notch, marred only by the distracting sound of the snare drum after 0:57. I would have preferred the stop at the end of the remix without the echo effect. So, all in all, it's a near-flawless piece with just a few minor issues. This one's on my regular-listens playlist and is one of my favorite Castlevania remixes.
  2. Wow, just wow. I like alot of AmIEvil's stuff but this one takes the cake (of what I've heard so far). The playing and structure is so beautifully elegant and restrained. I have no complaints, but there is a single thing I would have done slightly differently: Whenever the wind instrument joins the guitar at 1:33 I would have slightly raised the volume of the backing instrumentation which currently gets lost in the mix (if it's there at all) because it could have eased the rise in emotion more effectively. Overall, this is for sure one of my very favorite remixes. It's truly near perfection. If only this was in the game.
  3. (My first post! Yippee!) It's pretty good, but I have three major complaints: Alot of it sounds as though the notes and rhythms are in place but lacking emotional touches, leading most instruments to sound like a synth when they shouldn't. This is fine for the backbeat and bass, but an orchestra and such should not sound so processed. The piece sounds, except for the high quality of some samples, as though it could have come straight out of the game. Maybe that effect is intentional. There isn't enough build-up before changes. We go through so many bars of this and then move on to so many bars of this with a very quick transition thrown in here and there. This aids in causing a repetitive feeling in the remix. This feeling may be purposeful considering a steady dance beat drives most of the song. Some of the solo instruments, be it because of the synth-like sound or what is played is rather mundane, are not convincing. This is sort of a restating of point #1: the piece needs more emotion in instrumentation. The piano is especially boring. Overall, the remix is a good piece that is definitely listenable. It just doesn't sound quite finished or engage the listener enough.
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