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  1. my guild is really starting to piss me off i've killed onyxia with other guilds plenty of times. wiping on her after being able to kill her so easily REALLY pisses me off. And thats not even the bad part- the bad part is that NOBODY wants to pull thier weight and step up to try ony after we wiped so many times. nevermind the fact that last time we attempted her, we got her down to 17% the fact is, people arent willing to do onyxia unless it means a gain to them. nevermind the guild. i guarantee you that once we down her, everyone will be lining up outside the instance to do it. people wait for hours for MC because it might mean loot for them, but they dont want to step up for ony because they're scared to pay a repair bill. I'm 6/8 Giantstalker's and a striker's mark. My repair bill fully damaged is about 11G. if i can pay 11g every single day we attemnpt her, everyone else can pay half that much. lazy assholes better pull thier weight soon or bad shit will happen
  2. this remix is totally awesome... great job, and keep up the good work... hollow bastion theme is the best song ebar!
  3. I'm glad it wasnt just me that couldnt beat those yup... insanely hard.... some random asian 4 year old can probably beat it though
  4. oh and one more... guilty gear XX, some of those missions are insanely mo' trucking hard.. i dare to see any of the most experienced fighter game people to beat those... i mean, i'm really good at GGXX, believe me.. and i cannot, simply cannot beat some of those missions.
  5. oh, and the phantom dude from kingdom hearts.. still havent beaten him
  6. ridley, super metroid.. was really hard for me also, the dude in chrono cross (forgot his name) who had the masamune, when you kill him you get the mastermune also, the last boss of arx fatalis.. he was insanely hard. EDIT: yeah, the last boss of arx fatalis would use magic to suck you in, then swipe you with his tentacle thingamajiggy.. i had to get all metal gear solid on his ass, hiding behind crap... if all of that wasnt enough, he summons demons left and right (demons are really kinda hard in that game)