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  1. You mean slides? Oh yeah... It's quite easy to find. If you've ever browsed around with the FLStudio demos songs you can see them clearly in the examples. You can find the "slide" button at the upper left hand vicinity.
  2. Grr!!! I can't seem to defeat Dural in Virtua Fighter 4 (on hardest mode) - even with my strongest character Lei Fei!
  3. I'll have to second that... This dancy track is and edge of your seat thrill ride from beginning to finish. 10 out of 10 by my book...
  4. I couldn't agree with you more. This is one of the better Mega Man remixes here in general - period!
  5. SNES Art of Fighting? I recall Geese as the boss of AoF 2, but wasn't Takuma (alias Mr. Karate) the boss of AoF 1 ? Hmmm...I could be wrong. You know, it's been so long since I played the series- you could very well be right.
  6. Hardest fighting game bosses: 3D: Dural - Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (I think I've beaten her only once) 2D: Geese Howard -SNES Art of Fighting Hardest Action Game Bosses: Various Contra Bosses Various Gradius Bosses Various R-Type Bosses
  7. Can't you use the Layer tool? Call me cheap - but I actually did this on my last trance mix. I layered five 3xOSCs to make a nice, fat, saw lead. It sounded unique enough, too.
  8. Indeed - it blends electronica and orchestral well, and it wasn't even repetitive. I give it a solid 10, and a high standing on my playlist!
  9. Thanks! I'll be looking into those - but half of what I do is trance anyways, so - this is good.
  10. I don't mean to intergect anything too soon, or out of place, but this seemed like an appropriate thread: Do any of you own the refx Vanguard softsynth? What do you make of it? Yeah, from what I've seen in my research for good VST's the Juno is definately kick-azz, but I'm pretty poor at the moment, and the Vanguard is definately affordable. Do you agree that it's potential is mostly in trance?
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