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  1. Picked this up on Friday for the Xbox 360- and at a nice price too! The first game was my favourite kart racer; this is just plain one of the best racers I've played. The soundtrack amazing, the actual racing is nice and weighty and a lot tighter than the first one. There's 10x the amount of single player content, and the transforming mechanic is brilliant. With the rules of the road changing every 30 seconds or so, racing strategies need to be adjusted on the fly, and each vehicular state is as great as the other. Which is a relief, as I was pretty nervous about this aspect of the game - I did not want to be hanging out for the next transformation sequence purely because one state was weaker or less polished than another. I cannot recommend it enough. ESPECIALLY if your a Sega fan. My first runs on the NiGHTS and Burning Rangers courses near damned brought me to tears. And it was especially awesome to see DiGi Valentine and TRiPPY's names up there in the credits sequence! DiGi has been teasing me for ages about how much I was gonna love Transformed. Well, kudos my friend, you were right!

    I don't know if it still feels like a kart racer, it's more like an OutRun 2/Hydro Thunder/Afterburner hybrid on hardcore love drugs. Which is fine by me.

    Can't wait to hear of everyone else's experiences with Transformed. I'd say it's a Mario Kart killer, but like I said, it feels less of a kart racer now. Either way, it's brilliant.

  2. https://www.box.com/s/a76231fe0d652b84a7a0

    Started working on this one last night. I'm not aiming for this to be anything extravagant, just a kick-ass 80's Club mix with a modern edge. My beats and Matt Bellamy's vocals will be driving this one. Haven't worked on a lot of instrumentation yet - just working on the arrangement around the vocals for now.

    I'm going for a real Grum kinda sound with this one - his take on EVERYTHING is always 80's, and always, always awesome :)

    A bit basic so far, but it's turned out really well so far!

    Lemme know what you think, and thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Geez, thanks guys. Means a lot! Yeah, the timing on the vocals will be fixed when I record the final vox. Usually, my process is that I record a set of dummy vox and just listen to it over and over for a couple of days, then if I find myself singing along to it a little differently, then that's the direction I'll take when recording the final set of vocals.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement - I'll definitely continue on with it :)

  4. This is a WIP - and a track I'm using to vent. I've had a tough time with a lot of things lately, and no matter how I try, I just can't seem to express my frustrations. Well, till now. I decided to put a voice to my resentments, and here's what I've come up with - got it done before work yesterday, haha. The melody is a little cheesy, but meh. It's a sketch, it's very basic at the moment, and it sounds a little 80's, but not too much. I really don't care either way, haha. It's what I do, so yah. Still working out phrasing for the vox, so expect a re-record of the vox sometime soon.

    Is it worth continuing on with? Lemme know!




    I've lost you

    Or is it that you've lost me, I can't tell.

    In this whirlpool. Around and around with no sight of the ground - there my limits are found.

    -Don't apologize, it's not compromise,

    But it makes me the better man.

    And so I fight the silent battle that I'm waging with my soul.

    Warring endlessly to eternity, but you would never know.

    Because my face, it hides my pain so well. It seems I'm living just another day.

    I can never find the right words to explain.

    And so inside is where this complex fool remains.

  5. OH SNAP! Another secret weapon! We better hear some sexy funky grooves from you two this week!

    Robbie's not responding because he's scared of our match-up!!!! :razz: ...That was my sad attempt at trash-talk.

    EDIT: We've got quite a few super-close voting match-ups right now. Nice job Robotniks!

    Robbie's response is here - and sadly, I'll have to bow out of the comp - I have to work an extra couple of days at work this week, and between family engagements, a baby shower, a bridal party meeting on the Saturday, Family meeting on Sunday AND trying to sort out stuff for VROOM, I haven't had any time to even touch my mix since Monday night after work. Nor have I even had time to get back to Diablo III either this week, so that's how much time I haven't had.

    Sorry to let you guys down. I didn't wanna be another person to drop out, and I'm kicking myself, cause I'm still so excited about this comp.

    But, priorities, y'know?

    Sorry again guys and gals, and particularly to you Matt :(

  6. Robbie and Digi, your persistence paid off :) I know things really turned against your favor near the end, but you kept the faith and it'll be great to see what will happen in future rounds.

    Now have fun mixing Tidal Tempest with Lava Reef! :razz:

    Thanks Rexy! :) And congrats to everyone on such a memorable first round - I think we kicked things off pretty well!

    EDIT: Rexy - I already have the perfect idea for Tidal Tempest and Lava Reef :P I may even start on it tomorrow!

  7. Yeah, for real. But, hey, man, we finally got to collaborate after all these years. Who would have thought it was under these circumstances and this amount of pressure, lol. XD

    Been fun running with ya, man. We should do this again sometime ...VROOM VROOM!!! :D

    Right back at ya dude! :) Was awesome fun! And congrats to Liam - one vote man, ONE VOTE! Really could have gone either way - it was a pleasure going up against you and your awesome mix :)

    EDIT: All I need now are the PANCAKE-MIXES, and then, finally, I'll be able to get to bed :P

  8. Bloody hell, that was too close. But I can't call it, I'm not sure who was leading by the end. I know some votes will be void since certain people were not voting in every battle.

    Seriously, I'm a nervous wreck right now. Swear I need to lie down after that last 10 minutes. o_o;;;

    I know - I was going to go to bed, but I just couldn't do it, knowing the voting ended this morning!!!

  9. I feel glad you're at home Arceace. Though I'm in fear over some cold-blooded affairs tomorrow (damnit, must get away from those lizard puns >_>), it's actions like this that make this a great mellow hangout and a good place to grow. I thought that Collision Chaos and Splash Hill seems like a difficult combination to be honest, but it'll be neat to see what you and halc have done :)

    .... mmmmm.... Collision Chaos... Da DA - Da DaDaaaDaDaahh ORCH HIT!

  10. Just about 2.5 days left Robotniks! It sounds like most of you are making good progress. Keep it up!

    Yeah I can't wait to see how Akumajo beats me next round either :smile: (assuming we both make it)

    Haha, will if we both make it through :) It'll be awesome matches all the way through though, regardless of who ends up with who :)


  11. Awww, you guys, shucks. Glad you all like it! Big thanks to DiGi for getting me some HECTIC rhymes in a 24 hour period. Never mixed rap into a track before, so it was a challenge, but it was fun, and certainly not the last collab we'll ever do (Helloooooo VROOM :) )

    OKIES! Gonna get a cuppa, chill and listen to the entries now (Magellanic, dude, can't WAIT to hear your track! SO EXCITE!!! We both had some incredible source-age to work with.

    On another note, sheesh, it's been a busy morning!!! -- LOVE YA MUM!!! :D

    EDIT: SHIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAT Peeps, you all brought it this week, eh? Brilliant stuff! Voting is a bitch though... so many great tracks.

    EDIT EDIT: Just finished. This round was GREAT! Got all my votes done too - close call on a lot of them. Congrats to everyone for kicking off the comp in such a grand fashion.

  12. Also... we have an interesting development. A new lizard wishes to enter the ring! Jakesnke17 wants to replace Shadix since he dropped out and face Main Finger. He'll use Chaos Angel as his theme as well. Apparently Phonetic Hero recruited him in the middle of the night and Jake already has a significant portion of a song done. I'm inclined to allow this since more music is always better then less, right? Participants, particularly Main Finger, what do you think about this? Should we allow Jake to step in at the 11th hour and deliver whatever results from this insane all-nighter?

    EDIT: This is particularly funny cause snakes and lizards are both reptiles hahaha.

    I've got no problem with this... I think that's fine. like you said, more music! :D

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