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  1. It's been a LONG time since I've found a remix that I can call "Breathtaking". This, folks, is thankfully one of those mixes. I've always loved the original piece, and to hear it remixed in such a good way makes me drool. I can't wait for more Donkey Kong Country mixes! I love DKC music!
  2. I really like this mix a lot. Having listened to the original piece and then hearing this makes the remix all the more wonderful. One thing I really like about this mix is that no matter what mood your in, it's a great mix to listen to. I just wish I had the room to set up my synth and try my hand at remixing!
  3. Usually I'm not one who likes mainly solo instrument mixes, (like one that is just piano, for example). Or in this case, acoustic (Sp?). But in this case I must say this one is rather pleasing to listen to. The guitar is well played, the song was a good choice, and although some parts DID have to be changed to "fit" said instrument, I personally think it worked rather well. It makes me think of a song you'd hear at the beginning/ending of an epic mini-series (no offence to the remixer is intended in that statment, you know, if they don't like mini-series.) Nice accompaning music in the background. Not to bold or "IN YO FACE" blaring like so many other mixes I've heard. Once again, in closing, I think this is a rather pleasing mix to listen to.
  4. I just checked on this, and this is indeed from the Sea of Eden ["Magicant2" on the .RSN]. Rellik did a VERY good job of remixing it - I don't think even die-hard EarthBound fans will be recognize this on the first listening. Totally cool, someone quoted what I said. Thanks DJ Josef Stalin. That (in a odd way) made my day!
  5. The opening sounds like Tessie's theme, and the middle of the mix sounds kinda like the Sea of Eden track. Other than being the most confusing remix I've ever heard, it's pretty good.
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