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Found 138 results

  1. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  2. Chrono Trigger 'Memories Lost in Time' Yay, more Schala, you're probably thinking. Really, it's just as worth of a listen as the other Schala ReMixes out there. The orchestral work is quite exceptional - Beautiful strings, piano, and some winds. Plus, some nice chromatic percussion work is also shown. It blends all quite nicely with the underlying (yet repetitive) percussion. The ride cymbal that continues throughout the bulk of the mix gets on my nerves. I'd rather it not be there ^^ On the other hand, at the end, there is some greatly done percussion work. Though, overall, I found the orchestral instrumentation is worth it all.
  3. Dragon Warrior III 'Flight of Destiny' Another soft and melodic yet playful bit of music from our resident electronic orchestra conductor, Russell Cox. It's always fantastically dramatic with this guy, isn't it? A beautiful mix of strings, brass, and wind instruments, topped of with a piano like a cherry on a cream pie. But of course you must have a taste for classical to get anything out of this. Try it just to see. Stunningly beautiful piece of work, Russell Cox.
  4. Final Fantasy 6 'Enchanted Esper' This is one hell of an amazing mix, in part because of its length. Yeah, there are some mixes that just shouldn't be very long, but there are some that just scream at you "There should be more here!" This one on the other hand is very complete, covers all the bases and styles possible, and keeps you interested. The guitars to me, sound a bit too harsh, almost grainy. But that is all I can think to mention negatively about this excellent piece of work. Indeed, excellent work Protricity.
  5. Chrono Cross 'Just Chill' This, to me, is musical excellence. The Pancake Chef has everything so well balanced in this piece it’s like a taste of perfection. Having the drums panned to the left, and the bass balancing to the right creates a very interesting environment for this mix. Excellent work Mr. Pancake Chef.
  6. Super Ghouls'n Ghosts 'Ice Mountain Symphony' Mythical sounding strings and flutes start out this light hearted cover of the Ice Mountain theme. I rather enjoy the ethereal quality of the instruments and theme. They fit together very well. A shame this one is so short, but you can only get so much of a good thing.
  7. Final Fantasy V 'Cursed Pirates of the Sea' Yay! An FF5 mix! And one that does not, under any circumstances disappoint. Intro sounds a little like Monkey Island - an very good thing. It then moves into a very eclectic style, using acoustic and synth instruments to very good effect, and covering two songs from FF5. Its not without its share of problems - drums are maybe a tad overpowering, and the horn in the second half sounds a little out of place to me. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'IceCapped' woot. this one is just awesome. McVaffe hits us with even more jaw- dropping beautifulness. wonderful instrumentation and arrangement.
  9. Final Fantasy VI 'Back to Towne (Arranged)' McVaffe is back in piano arrangement mode again I see, with a FF3 mix done completely in piano, with a touch of strings and flute. Now, I'm going to try and not be biased again as usual, since I'm not really into this kind of thing, so I had better watch myself. Personally, I think this is one of McVaffe's better piano exclusive pieces, and I really like the quality of the sound that's displayed here. I must admit, the work done here is great as I believe those into the music would really be in for a treat. BTW, I’ve always wondered this, is it pronounced M.C. Vaffe or McVaffe as in McDonalds?
  10. Legend of Zelda 'Jazzy' An excellent jazzy piece from AmIEviL. Very laid back, and that's definitely cool. You won't be breakdancin' or scratchin' records to this (if you're into that stuff) but instead you'll relax and want to socialize. If all lounge music was this good, perhaps it would be a bit more popular.
  11. Phantasy Star 'Alis Overture' I really like this mix. I'm not entirely sure, but it might be a remix of the ending theme. Or maybe not. It's hard to say as I really don't hear a lot of Phantasy Star in this mix It's mostly original djp music it seems. Good thing he's a good musician! Regardless, it pays a phantastic tribute tribute to a phenomenal game for a very underlooked system. This game was better than any of the NES Final Fantasy's, IMO. This tune fits the mood of the game.
  12. Shinobi 'Shin Shuriken Jam' This has got to be my favorite of djp's early efforts. I like what he has done here. This is based off of the first stage music in the Sega Master System version of the game. Something to keep in mind is that EVERY SINGLE STAGE in the game had this exact same music, so djp could have easily called it "Shinobi - Last Stage" and it still would have worked (the arcade and PC Engine versions featured about 4 different themes, the arcade had completely different 1st stage music, which Rayza has arranged). This tune is featured in level 1-2 in the arcade... that's the stage with the pictures of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the brick wall. djp takes the theme and makes it jam. It doesn't follow the tune note for note, as he takes the time to make sure he adds just enough funk between the familiar notes. If you have played the game then you need to download this tune. And since you are reading this then you must have at least a moderate interest. Start downloading if you haven't already!
  13. Phantasy Star III 'Legacy' When there is an arrangement from Phantasy Star 3, this is the track that usually gets the attention. But that's because most people never get past the title screen, which this theme is based on. There is lots of other good music in PS3, don't get me wrong. Anyway djp has taken the title theme and made it sound like it would have if it ever came out for the Sega CD (re: nice and clean). Considering that this is one of djp's early efforts, it does impress. I'd love to see what he could do with this tune on his current hardware/software setup.