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  1. oh, I know just the place! SOASC= http://se2a1.bigbox.info/soasc/index.php?av=0&sb=SOASC&ss=&sf=&sy=&sil=N%2FA&sc=tim+follin&srd=&sd=&sip=N%2FA&sr=&sx=&sl=&sis=N%2FA that has pretty much every C64 tune made before 2009, rendered on real hardware, with multiple chipset download options. the downside: it was all automated and usually the tune will cut off instead of fading out. but it's worth adding a fadeout and transcoding, imo. the site also has amiga tunes (tick the SOAMC= radio button) but I haven't explored that as much
  2. ohoho i love being pedantic with this sort of thing, though currently is a bad time for me to sort through these things en masse can I just tag my own remixes, or would that mess with the block assignment or something? also, along with vocoding, you should probably include autotune/melodyne edit: "tracker" under instrumentation..? are you talking about like Impulse Tracker / the thing Mazedude uses?
  3. 100% their respective VSTs, plus occasional reverb, EQ, and/or soundgoodizers. I did use some overdrive on a few patches in the F2FM demo, too, which hopefully isn't too misleading!
  4. I only ever made it to one of your streams, and it wasn't for this. but having listened to this album: wow that's impressive. also you're extra awesome for giving Tim Follin some piano love <3
  5. ok but I had a thought: what if it were just a site for resubs like a blog of sorts, where a judge panel compares the rejected remix with the resubbed remix, see what was improved, how it could be improved further, talks about relevant sound design / arrangement techniques etc. it'd be a neat way to learn about what's important in a song and get ideas from the know-how people, and it's not incongruent with the revised WIP forum. it'd be like reading the judges decision thread, but more educational. that'd be cool. /2¢
  6. hah, yeah that helps! but even if you don't know anything about sound design, I highly recommend playing with DoFi! it's really easy to get really nice sounds out of that synth, since it's basically a one trick pony
  7. like the title says, I made 4 VSTs, and now I'm sharing them: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9hjaj0haa0u3uxv/anosci+-+4+VSTs+%281504RC2%29.zip a brief description of each: DoFi: a toy that makes vocal-esque sounds. STriFE: ringmod-based synth, really cool at chords and leads F2FM: FM/PM synth with a filter before the carrier BRSfx: simulates a bad radio signal, sort of. here's a quick demo of the 3 synths: https://soundsfromsci.bandcamp.com/album/4-vsts-from-anosci these were all made with synthmaker, so it's nothing too fancy. but they're fun (especially DoFi.) I'd l
  8. yeah temperature is all well and good but you should probably also take in to consideration the humidity, warmth provided by sunlight, and wind speed. I divide my music into drinks (instead of temperature) so...i'll just shuffle a few of those around and pull examples: Brand New Retro - This Hazy Place http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01818 this is slightly warm, maybe 75F? but it's humid af, and with no movement in the air. no sunlight to warm you in this case (btw, filed under: elixir) Masuda Toshio - Shinen slightly cool, maybe around 60F, maybe lower not really humid, bu
  9. I may have exaggerated slightly. but still, djp is a vip. a djvip, if you will. QFT. This remix is also required listening.
  10. hi let me make a short list of artists that you should include. (asking for specific remixes is a bit too subjective I think) AeroZ: hella skilled with the bowed instruments and the electronic sounds. his album is currently featured on the front page of the site. Benjamin Briggs and halc: together, they are Insert Rupee, and I think they basically invented the "9-bit" aesthetic. Brandon Strader: metal by default, but flexible into so many genres. he recently usurped djpretzel as the most prolific remixer on the site. djpretzel: literally invented the concept of video game remixes. J
  11. my experience: from 2006 to 2011, basically everything I made was chillout. then in April 2011, I discovered hardcore / breakcore / etc. I was inspired. I made a ridiculous breakcore track that ended up getting a lot of attention, and to this day it's one of the most commented-on videos on my channel...and the comments are 75% "this doesn't even qualify as music" but I love how my song turned out, and I like reading those comments (some more than others, but still). they're funny to me eventually I decided to split my name: anosa for my crazy breakcore junk, sci for my usual chillout, ano
  12. is that true? because that was exactly what I guessed, haha as for my own name, I go by "anosci" as my full name, which does break down like so: ano (japanese for "umm") sci (literally just "science") I've been using sci as my name everywhere since I was like 11 or so. I liked science. I still like science. I recently added ano as my surname, because "sci" is an incredibly un-google-able artist name. and also I think anosa / アノサ sounds really cool. (anosci, anosai, アノサイ.)
  13. actually I'd be willing to share my project files (after cleaning them up a bit), but there are a few problems: first of all, yeah. plugins. I use some ancient plugins that don't even exist on the internet anymore, afaict. second, I use OpenMPT as my main DAW. does anyone else use that? I have no idea. but yeah just ask and ill clean it up and send it your way --- also I disagree with this sort of vibe: "I encourage you to consider that most DAW projects are actually incomprehensible to the people who didn't make them." Mazedude released the modules for a few of his remixes (see sixty
  14. regarding that...in the acoustic piano soundfont I'm using, each note has a really strong attack and quick decay, so I added a compressor to even that out. so...that is quite possibly what is causing your hunch. I'll play around with it of all of the feedback I've gotten on this track, here or otherwise, this is the most confusing to me. at the risk of being an obvious piano noob: I'm not sure how to work with a sustain pedal, or rather, emulate it? also, where? I'm guessing it just involves lots of long lines on the piano roll. with that in mind, I think it works nicely in the begi
  15. I'm going to strike my complaint about the synths at 0:36. sounds good to me now, though I'm not sure if that's my perception or if you did subtly change it... the piano that you bring in around the 2 minute mark is slightly too loud, kinda overpowering everything else but on that same section: oh man dat bass. that's how it should be! and again around the 4 minute mark. good. I'd say bring it up even more, perhaps with some saturation or something, but that might be too much (I'm known to have a bias towards over-cranked bass) weirdly, though, the bassline around 1:10 strikes me as a li
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