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Found 2 results

  1. http://supermariomaker.nintendo.com/#/home Scheduled for release on September 11th. I've always been a fan of games that let you get really creative. This started with the simpler ones like The Incredible Machine(essentially the first version of the more modern Contraption Maker), and other side-scrolling creators like Blast Works for the Wii. So this one really got my attention. The $60 price tag is a tad bit more than I'd like, but not a huge factor for me. Anyone else really interested in this? KP9000 has created a repository of courses Click Here to view the repository OR I've compiled all courses posted in this topic below. Hopefully we can get these all submitted to the above repository or it might start to get cluttered! (Hylian Lemon) Goomba Falls: D60C-0000-0019-D75A (atmuh) Unnamed: 407E-0000-0024-6309 (atmuh) get to chipotle before the rush: E1EF-0000-003B-1AFE (FenixDown) Fenix 1-1: 44FD-0000-001A-3EA1 (FenixDown) Fenix 1-2: F1D1-0000-0027-81B3 (Mirby) Ghost Dodgers: A962-0000-001A-FBEF (Mirby) Icy Skies!: 6EF7-0000-001E-C473 (Mirby) The Flying Dutchman: 1202-0000-0027-2F1D (Mirby) Plains of Passage (Shovel Knight): 1CC5-0000-0026-195D (Mirby) Mushroom House (Super Mario Land 2): 1FDF-0000-0029-23A6 (Mirby) Air Man Stage (Mega Man 2) Remix: 314F-0000-0034-3B7B (Mirby) To Hades and Back: EEC4-0000-0035-7208 (Mirby) Assault on Mount Olympus: 7989-0000-0039-10F1 (Mirby) Anthem (Azure Striker Gunvolt): A7E6-0000-003A-24FE (Mirby) Follow That Shell!: 70A1-0000-003E-36F3 (Kat) 1-1: Koopa Krusade: 4951-0000-0048-1B52 (Kat) Fear Factory: 0DEE-0000-0043-BCEB (Kat) Storming The Gates: 7865-0000-003D-08C8 (Kat) Mario's Mission: C64E-0000-0033-D963 (jnWake) Koopa Shells: 551C-0000-0032-58EF (jnWake) Goomba Jumps: D075-0000-0034-B953 (jnWake) Bullets in Koopatlantis: 6FB6-0000-003A-ED9A (jnWake) Under The Thwomp: 7D5F-0000-003F-B84F (jnWake) Mystery House Bounce: 15EA-0000-0048-B42C . (Bleck) Weighted Companion Shell - 845D-0000-003B-4D70 (purplecowadoom) Stinging in the Rain: 7783-0000-0037-D8B6 (purplecowadoom) The Bounce Vault: 8BE4-0000-0038-F252 (purplecowadoom) "It'll give you wings",they said: CAD0-0000-003A-33C0 (purplecowadoom) Can't handle Bill say, "What?": 4E18-0000-0048-69B4 (purplecowadoom) Pyromania Pizza Palace: 79E3-0000-003E-378E (purplecowadoom) Pin the Tail on the Cheetah: 1706-0000-003F-F632 (purplecowadoom) "Friendly" Mario vs the Sky Guys: 1C58-0000-0043-B19E (purplecowadoom) Mario, Woodchipper Inspector: 1017-0000-0047-E992 (purplecowadoom) Sink or Fly, Stop and Die: BD8C-0000-0048-E3E6 (purplecowadoom) Ghosts of the Past: E923-0000-004B-4821
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