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OCR00895 - Metal Gear Solid "Liquid Metal"

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hey, this is my first post.

i was surffin the web, and ended up at overclocked remix (now its in my

favorites) MGS that was the best game i have ever played. and this song

reminds those moments when i beat Wolf and she gives this emotional

sad speech about her life, then Otacon comes out crying in a field of

snow.... anyways, great peice, capartures the feeling of the game and

really brings me back to Alaska....

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Excellent excellent excellent! You know, I could just keep repeating excellent and you'd totally get what I'm trying to say with this review, but I'm not going to dumb myself down to pokemon intelligence until I make sure y'all get me.

This is one of the first songs that I tried on ole OC, and it wasn't long after that I made it my mission in life to suck up all this free music like a big, gluttonous mosquito. I was disappointed once I realized that most of the other remixes didn't please me nearly as much as this one (personally).

As I've said before, I'm a melody-centric guy, and you can totally take me on a journey through a great, rolling melody, and damn does this mix got one. This mix would've been used in the game had Snake ever started breaking down and crying like a baby over his own conflicting emotions and idealisms.

Well, I think that's all I can really say, besides that this is the second track in my personal "video game remix bestest" cd.

9.5/10. Recognize, this is one of the songs that makes this site impossibly fan-fricking-tastic like plastic elastic.

As I was saying, excellent excellent excellent excellent!

BTW, if you like acoustic guitar, you should be downloading this mix by now.

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A simple concept made very classily and arranged quite beautifully. To me, this is the 'Snake realises that the world is a terrible, violent place where innocence is a myth and war is inevitable...' theme. Guitar performance was right where it needed to be, beautifully manipulative and very nicely played.

I thought the meshing of the Sons of Liberty melody was terrific and pretty seamless. In fact, in terms of arrangement, this mix shines. This is my kind of music; easy-listening but intelligently written. A job well done.

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Not completely seamless in the different room sounds, but still pretty well balanced. Playing sounds nice and clean, and the synth washes are pleasant. Nice modulation and crescendo keeps things interesting. Some of the reed instruments lacked a bit of realism, but they were pretty background anyways.

Not bad, I enjoyed it.

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