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Getting good guitar tone for FREE!

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I just want to say thank you for the amazing post! I've been experimenting with the plugins and been getting nice, natural results.

You beat me to posting the LePou plugins. I found this tutorial whilst trying to learn a bit more about guitar tones:


It goes from a very basic level but goes through some tone shaping. Definitely informative if you are starting out with amp simulators and want to know what each of the parameters does. It focuses on Guitar Rig, but I think it provides some useful info in general on guitar amp sims. In the third tutorial it shows some stuff on using 3rd party impulses.

If you think its any good, whack it on the opening post :)

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Thought I'd share some plugins that aren't in the opening post. I've been using TSE plugins recently. They're free and absolutely amazing!


There is continuing development (don't be put off by some being in beta) on the plugins so just click on the relevant forum to get the plugin you want. The real star of this bunch is the high-gain X50 . It sounds simply fantastic. You can change settings such as bias and the tubes in it. In my humble opinion, the X50 is one of the greatest sounding sims. Very nice to play with. The only negative is it can be a real resource hog BUT you can switch between high and low quality settings. Obviously you only need the high quality for mixdowns. Having said all that the X30 is no slouch and the TSE808 is a pretty good tube screamer plugin (I think that's included in Sixto's opening post anywho)

Like the LePou amps, you'll need impulses but I don't see that as a drawback. Always good to have flexibility.

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