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Message from Atmuh LISTEN UP PEOPLE:

[22:42] <@atmuh> post for people to join this channel as i want it to nt just be samsh bros

[22:42] <@atmuh> especially if they wanna play online snes or neo geo or starcraft

Probably don't need to say this but the channel is #clanocr on the enterthegame server.

Get to it.

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Just want to point out that because the company that hosts the ClanOCR Friend Code Database is a bunch of nitwits, we had to get a new domain for it.

So, for those of you who still find use out of it, direct your bookmarks and etc. towards http://ocr.anarchygaming.com

Oh snap! Send me a PM about adminning it (unless you want to take over and can understand how my PHP scripts work).

I'll update my sig and the top post to show the new url.

By the way, any games anyone wants added?

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