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  1. Most people see Smash as a party game, and with default settings that's pretty much what it is. But, anyone who was serious about Melee will tell you that there's actually a super deep and highly technical competitive game underneath the silly randomness. Brawl showed that Sakurai and Nintendo have no interest in supporting a competitive scene, and are in fact hostile to its existence, with crap like tripping added specifically to make the game more random and less dependent on skill. And of course, balance testing was virtually non-existent (hi Metaknight). For me Brawl was a disappointment, so I won't be buying this next game. I'm sure it'll still make for a good drinking game though...
  2. ...I really don't think Elder Scrolls gameplay can be adapted into an MMO. Incoming WoW clone.
  3. You don't have to mod your Wii at all to play it, so I don't think this matters.
  4. IMO, Oblivion is like the deadbeat middle child of the series. With its awkward NPCs and piss poor voice acting, I never felt truly immersed in that game at all. Also, they completely butchered my favorite race, the Dark Elves. Skyrim was a great return to form, although there are still things that I miss from Morrowind. Like the ability to have a Lair made out of giant mushrooms in the middle of nowhere, complete with servant-women to do my bidding.
  5. Yes, but it's still with Brawl's terrible netcode aka lag, lag everywhere.
  6. It's just a demo. They haven't finished all the characters yet. They still have no clue, as far as I know, what they're gonna do with some of them. Metaknight, for example. I have been following P:M for a while and I'm pretty excited about it. Sadly, my Wii shit the bed a while back.
  7. I haven't played this game but this character right here is awesome and hot and I very much want to play as her.
  8. When I was a kid, my mom would leave me and my siblings with various families who did daycare for extra income. One of these families had a SNES, which was my first exposure to video games. Just the idea of being able to control what happens on the TV blew my mind. They had Super Mario World and DKC2, both of which are still among my favorite games.
  9. Has water been matched with every type, except fire? Water/fire type in w2/b2, make it happen.
  10. Timeline theories? Split timeline? What is this, Zelda? Pretty sure Bleck has it right. Generations 1 and 3 happen at the same time, followed by Gens 2 and 4 two years later. And then Gen 5 happens soon after.
  11. I like how everyone is speculating about new types even though theres no new Mons in this game
  12. Psychic/Fighting/Dark starters. Make it happen.
  13. Yeah I kinda figured there wouldn't be any new mons. Maybe some new moves. There's so many of them now, they could just throw in a smattering from all the previous generations and it would almost feel new...
  14. Hey cool, I don't have to buy a 3DS. Are there going to be new Pokemon in this one? That's usually their way of tricking us into thinking we're not playing the same game over and over.
  15. Having a lot of down time at work last summer, I did this in Diamond. I also tried and failed at it in Soul Silver. My advice? Don't take risks. Unlucky critical hits can and will fuck you over.
  16. My internet sucks anyway, but I can't load ZP at all.
  17. The main reason they're not gonna remake VII is it would take way way too much work to be worth it. They would have to completely re-develop the game from the ground up. 3D environments, voice acting, probably a whole new engine. With X they can just throw on some high-res textures and call it a day. But, it is also true that gaming is different now than it was back then and kids these days probably wouldn't dig old jrpgs so much.
  18. I would be excited about this game, but my Wii stopped reading discs. Thanks a lot, Nintendo. For serious though, I'm not that interested in Zelda with motion controls. Lemme know how it goes, fellas.
  19. That sounds comparable to what I've got. Should be good, thanks.
  20. Is anyone running this game on a dual-core? My PC still has the ~2.5 ghz Core 2 Duo I put in years ago, with a slightly more recent graphics card (GTS 250), and only 4 GB of RAM. Can I run Skyrim at a decent framerate on low graphics?
  21. If it's GTA IV, minus the stupid friend crap, I will be happy.
  22. Scufo

    Dota 2

    It's amazing how much characterization they're giving each hero, almost like they're TF2 classes.
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