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  1. I loved Castle of the winds growing up, I definitely would like to see this game pan out. Pitching some cash as soon as i get home from work.
  2. TehDonut

    Dota 2

    What is this game, I've never heard of it. We should play sometime add me: tehdonut on steam. Kappa.
  3. TehDonut

    Dota 2

    me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. TehDonut

    Dota 2

    I would like to enter this queue for friends who desire a key....
  5. Just watched yesterday's cclive, apparently gootecks may be playing ibuki soon?? hell yeah.

  7. So i was wondering can we submit cg stuff, like things we make in maya? If so i could probably use this to polish my modeling skills
  8. Sorry mirby. I said i would try and finish at least the first level, and I straight up didn't do it. I guess I just felt like I was working too hard at something that was supposed to be fun, but with no one else helping out and all it kinda fell on me to finish it, and that sucks =( But if anyone wants to pick this project up or start a different one, (Apparently Unity is stupidly easy as a game development tool) I still have the source code.
  9. the real question is can people sleep in the same bed
  10. trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XB67f61W9k
  11. It was fun finally coming to mag and seeing and drinking with everyone. I wish i brought a camera though, i shoulda taken more pics.
  12. its alright, we just booked the overflow hotel for 4 people.
  13. Going with 4 people, but i need a room...We can split the cost if anyone is willing to fit 4 people in
  14. who cares? jackie chan is a boss. Need I remind you that goku was a fucking white dude
  15. actually he did sign on today. he helped me cut down a few trees.
  16. TehDonut

    Dota 2

    idc, I play DotA now, i plan to play this when it comes out.
  17. TehDonut - ill be playing on the server from now on i guess...im gonna need to find a spot to build though =(
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