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The Landing


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The first is my original version of the song. After some... careful consideration, I decided to try a different way and went about it the second way. However, I'm still hovering which way is right or wrong. I need some help with this and thoughts and the likes.

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I'm like 99% sure this is a MIDI rip where the tempo change screwed up.

Combined with the fact that you haven't changed anything about the original really, I can tell you this isn't what OCR would be looking for. Try starting from scratch with a new idea instead of with a MIDI if you want to have a chance to get on OCR.

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Sounds very midi-esque in terms of arrangement, midi-esque here meaning "not arranged for the samples currently applied". I'm with Fishy on this.

A few tips tho: when posting more than one file, don't use the same name for them both, I can only tell them apart by looking at their size. It's often best to just stick to one file anyway.

I prefer the slightly larger file, it's got better mixing.

Also, it's good to let us know what game and track this is from, I can't tell if "the Landing" is a game, the track, or the title of your remix. The files state the remix(es) being named "The Landing of the Orchestra", but that still reveals nothing.

The samples aren't bad, tho. You could pull off some amazing remixes with those, but like Fishy said: "Try starting from scratch with a new idea instead of with a MIDI". Then look at the MIDI if you didn't get notes and stuff right. Start with an idea, or start building this from a blank file from memory, that way, it'll be you arrangement, not a modified midi with your samples. And that could rock!


-> Fishy: Yes, this is essentially a "like Fishy said"-post.

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Well, Fishy, I can appreciate the... tenacity, but it wasn't my goal to take THIS and submit it to OCR. i'm trying to get help with how to set up things in an orchestral fashion. The first thing someone said to me when i showed them was the lack of an actual positioning like an orchestra. Panning and the likes, the second being the tempo, and the final it being somewhat repeating in places. This /WAS/ my original idea, to orchestrate this song, since I got into music. Yes, I did use a MIDI as the main source as this, though I didn't just RIP the Midi and throw it up here.

As far as where it screws up, I couldn't figure out how to get Reason to do two different tempo's automatically, so I did two recordings, one at tempo 55, the other at 140 and simply spliced the two together. The large BLURPH part... I have no idea how that happened >< It didn't sound like that coming out of my Reason, at least, when Reason wasn't congesting my computer(stupid billions of sound files).

i eventually wish to take and get a full orchestral layout(all the woodwinds, violins, viola's and everything) and in the same numbers and actually ORCHESTRATE it, but i wanted to get a decent idea of how it might sound before I go about recreating the sheet music for it and having t change EVERYTHING as I go continuously instead of doing it once.

Roz, thanks for the advice, Fish, same(if there can really be any advice claimed in that other than simply thrashing me)

And, the original track is 'The Landing' from Final Fantasy 8, my name of it 'The Landing of the Orchestra'

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From experience, I can say you shouldn't start your remixing career with orchestral music if you don't have the skills to actually know what you're doing (Good samples are quite important too, though not a necessity). I can tell you possess neither so I strongly encourage you to start with a genre that's a bit easier to get into and work your way up from there.

Yes, this DOES sound like a straight midi rip, except it's actually vastly inferior to the source due to the lack of dynamics, the necessary tempo change, interpretation and the laughable orchestration. Come on man, the whole song is at the exact same volume level, how can you make parts stand out if you do that? There is an abundance of sections that sound very empty because it's just something like blatty brass and ridiculous horror-flick-esque string marcato's. Textures, tonality and melodies are all the same as the source, where's the interpretation, where are the additional harmonies, where are the counter-melodies? No wonder this comes off as a midi rip, honestly, Fishy was on the right track here. IMO it should be prohibited for beginning remixers to use midi's as a base. =/

tl;dr version: Don't do anything orchestral as your first remix.

Fake-edit: recommended reading

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