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Hammer Tetris Remix

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Hey guys x)

I've been out for some time... Pc problems =\

But I'm back to show you my newest remix of Tetris... It's called Hammer Tetris because here in Portugal we call this type of music 'Martelos' which means 'Hammer' in English... So I don't have a better name... But I hope you like it


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Ummm... weird sound right in the beginning that sticks with the mix for a long time, if not the whole thing. I can see where you might have been trying to go with this but it sounds too midi-ish right now. Kinda needs more YOU. Bass is....blah. Add more effects and samples and stuff. Roz, you wanna carry on from here? lol.

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Arrangementwise, it's passable, I guess, and on OCR, passable is _good_.

However, as Boz said, it's got a very simplistic MIDI-like sound. The bass drum and snare are panned funny, put the bass drum in the center, snare almost in center, and use something else to balance out the hihat, like a shaker.

The bass is weak. I've heard worse, but it needs to be better. The phased and autopanned pad in the left channel is annoying. Most of the synths are a bit too simple, you could add more modulation- and envelope-controlled effects (detuning, cutoff, resonance and related) on them and fit them into the soundscape with better EQ-ing.

You gotta listen to it constantly trying to hear which instruments are important where and where they're more peripheral and could be softer. But length- and arrangementwise, this isn't bad. It does need some more elaborate arrangement, especially in terms of filtering.

Nice job, now the hard work begins. :)

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I usually don't submit suggestions because I'm a noob and don't feel I should know better, but I'm fairly sure on this one.

The repetitious drums didn't really bother me a lot, except at 1:15. It felt like the music changed momentarily, and the drums were stuck in the past. As little as quieting them temporarily might do. It does keep the song's pace up, but I'd like to see some acknowledgment that something has changed.

I loved the original, and this one's pretty catchy too.

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There's some weird crackle that seems to be either from the bass drum. See if you can kill it.

I think you need another backing instrument. It takes about a minute before there's any decent backing, which is, btw, a little too loud. The whole section ends too sudden / the section that follows could use some serious bass+kick marcato on every other beat.

I'm not taking back what I say about a passable arrangement, but it still needs more development. Add a layer that's only soundscaping and harmonics. Not a pad, use the synth equivalent of the rhythm guitar, whatever that means to you. Don't make it too aggressive or noisy (unless it really works), as it's a backing synth.

Elaborate more on the source, and see how you can modify the source. The obvious russian folk content shouldn't be hard to elaborate on, all you need is to run around the minor scale to the right chords.

It's certainly a sound upgrade, but there's still ways to go before it's submittable.

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To be honest I'm not a fan of the simple techno beat thing, but this isn't terrible. In fact it reminds me a lot of my older crap that I tried to do in techno lol. That failed miserably. Anyways, this is better than my attempts at generic techno, but this also needs...MORE, it kinda lacks direction and it could use some more interesting pads IMO, and maybe TRY to vary up the beat.

Actually, this probably needs a lot more work, if Rozovarian's or Tensei San's work can't get passed, then I'd shoot myself if this does. Sorry man, but I can't sugar coat this :(

DON'T let me discourage you though. I've been shit upon a ton at this site, and I'm still trying to get posted here myself. The bar here is set eccentrically high...so bare with us.

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