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I want to build you a computer

prophetik music

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Its about that time again! I have enough money to go for all new now. Going to give my current one away.

I'd like to stay under $1500 (really love to stay under $1000, in fact, but all new, music-making, game-playing machine for that price?) Don't need keyboard, mouse, or any of that stuff, just the tower. Would you be able to build something and ship it to Quebec, or make a list of recommendations available from Canadian retailers? Are things expected to go on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, or is any time this month okay for pricing?

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I didn't get a custom-Proph-built computerr, due to being in another country... but he did help me with understanding how to shop for parts, gave good recommendations, and was just super helpful and kind! I was able to figure out what I wanted, and building it myself was not too big a problem. Even though some of the assembly manuals could have been more helpful, like the motherboard should have a "DID YOU PUT THE STANDOFFS IN FIRST???" section on page 1.

I'm quite happy with it! Gotta make some music so I can get a new GPU though. One part I couldn't find/afford...

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