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*NO* Lufia 2 'Lufia and the Grand Orchestra'


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hey DJP..

I have a remix i wanna submit.

The game is: Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals

And its a mix of the main battle theme.

Im New, so here's the Info:

Name: K-Wix

Email: Vanphinele@aol.com

Song Name: K-Wix - Lufia 2: Lufia & The Grand Orchestra

Mixed in 2002

The file can be downloaded here

(you may have to "right click" and do the save target as.. thing)

I Sincerely hope it makes it - Thanks in advance..


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Its K-wix.

Hello K-wix!!!!

Volume keeps jumping up and down for no real reason. Everything is muffled. This is a well done remix though. There is simply too many sonic problems. Velocity, instrument volume, to name a few.

I'd like to see this resubmitted with a more open feel, higher notes perhaps, or maybe a different orchestra kit. I thought the percussion was very lacking.

Till next time, NO

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