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Morning Sun (new WIP) Sonic Adventure re-re-remix :D


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Psh :o Well, let me elaborate a little bit now that I've given it another listen. I guess the breakdown's alright, it's just that it goes on for a tad too long. That final melody pause just sounds like overkill. To me, it actually sounds alright up until that point.

Although I must ask (due to my lack of musical knowledge) exactly what would constitute as the bridge in this song >.>

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This is one of my favourite songs from Sonic Adventure and I think you did a great job in adding lyrics to it.

I'm not too much into the musical technical terms and vocabulary but here's what I think:

Although I think in terms of the background melody it needs some more punch as someone already mentioned. Maybe something more similar to the sound effect used in the original.

You could even add a part of the original song to the intro, I always love that, a transition from original to remix or a remix with small samples of the original here and there.

Also when changing from the different part of melody you could perhaps make use of the rewind sound effect in the original? It plays at 1:06 or so in the original. I also would love to hear the 1:06-1:38 section of the original to be played more than once, maybe 1 time in middle and another where it plays now. But I guess since it goes into a part that looks like a conclusion I guess perhaps it'll only really fit at the end.

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First of all, I think you could add a little more to the texture in general, something to charactarize each verse a little better. I love what you did with the third verse!!! The increase in texture after the 2nd chorus is awesome.

In the recording of your chorus, on "Now I know I'm not the only one", you're a bit out of tune on "Now I know", and only there. Any chance you could re record just that?

This is sounding fantastic. Awesome work!!!

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Significantly improved since last time I heard... and it was great then too.

The square you've used behind the song in the first verse still bothers me, tho. It works well, but I think the sound doesn't mesh with the vocoded song. Too great a difference, I guess.

The breakdown in the second verse kind'a bother me too. Triplets seem not to mesh too well with the singing, and the pause does seem necessary. The idea is great, but it needs some tweaking, methinks.

I'll echo DrumU's call for characterization, as well as his praise for what you did after the second chorus.

Overall, this is pwnsome, and I have no doubt it'll show up on the OCR frontpage. By the way, 7 megs for 4:32? Bring the bitrate down to a more manageable level, it takes time to download, and it's over the OCR limit anyway.

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