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OCR00917 - Chrono Cross "Cross Fire"


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Not much of an intro, but I'm digging this lead that starts things off... well, until it came back more exposed at 1:05 - it just didn't gel as well there. Good changeup immediately following with the lead guitar section, even if it started to get repetative playing the exact phrase a second time. Vary things up! Drums don't have to be on autopilot all the time :). Lead could've stood to have some embellishments and changeups to keep it interesting. Still, it's a pretty solid song and fun listen.

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I was really feeling this one, but at 2:30 long, it ends just as it's getting going, and when it's time for some expansion, it fades out. :-(

The new rhythms give it a new energy, and the guitars sound pretty nice. The breakdown at 1:32 is my favorite part, but everything in the entire tracks clicks for me. Pretty great for a first submission, and for the most part, it's held up very well over time.

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