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OCR00924 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors "Panic of the Undead"


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  • 2 months later...

NoppZ is godly when it comes to making mixes that are signature and addictive at the same time. You can tell that this is a NoppZ mix right off the bat, which is important for me because I then realise I am in totally cool territory for the next couple of minutes.

The scream samples could have been cut, because I don't think they add anything musically. Atmospherically, I don't see the song as being as macabre as the subject matter and the scream samples may imply. Granted, they aren't very convincing screams and could be labelled as comedic garnish, but my point is that it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me.

The best mixes on the site are the ones that bounce right along and take you with them until their final seconds; something which NoppZ knows how to deliver on. Really great stuff.

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Cool melody, and the rain SFX got me into the zombie escaping mood.

The melody is really lightheartedly arranged, and is a fun surprise. I would normally hear this track as driving metal, but this is bouncing and peppy.


That snare is a little too piercing for me, and the cymbals sound pretty bad. The constant screams are also annoying.

If it wasn't for the screams, i'd totally dig this one, NoppZ really made something cool, and while I can respect his vision for constant terror, i'd listen to it a lot more without the screams. Check it out for yourself and see how you like it. :-)

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I really love this remix. I didn't think the theme song could be improved upon (I still whistle it to myself when I'm alone) but Noppz did an awesome job with the (original!) melody that comprises the second half of the song.

Now I'm whistling this version instead :)

The screams weren't so bad... they just punctuate certain transitions. Could have been much worse.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00924 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors "Panic of the Undead"
  • 1 year later...

Zombie Panic (beginning and ending) - The flute-like lead lends a bit of a ghostly vibe to the source, making the antagonists seem more like intangible spirits than physical monsters.

Evening of the Undead (in the middle starting at 0:54 - pay attention to the countermelody and you'll hear this source) - As a whole this section feels like an exploratory detour, and the tune at 1:18-1:30 and 1:54-2:06 even sounds optimistic.

Also, I think it's no accident that there's exactly 10 screams heard, equal the max number of neighbors you can save in any level. Already 3 die before the mix kicks in, the 7th marks the change in source/mood, and the last one is the wake-up call that says Zeke and Julie screwed up big-time. They frantically race around a bit, retrace their steps... and just throw up their hands in defeat. While the mix ends on a content note musically, it ends on a despairing note visually.

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