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  1. I always felt that the song held so much more power with the title translated as "The Treasure which Cannot be Stolen." Great rendition of such a beautiful song!
  2. This is an atrocity. The original is such a beautiful song, and it has an outstanding vocal. But this remix runs that voice through a horrendous chopping filter. Look, there are ways to add a "glitching" effect that sound really cool, fun, and interesting. But you can't just run some glitching filter on it and call it a day. And the more "glitching" one adds, the more careful one must be with it. But this is half the song made to sound like something is wrong with your internet connection, completely destroying a beautiful original piece.
  3. Did they slip a little piece from "Ghost Riders in the Sky" in there?
  4. The beautiful spaceships, the beautiful spaceships! It all comes down to the size of your wing-tips!
  5. This barely sounds different than a recording someone made of a midi of the original song. It sounds so close to the original that I would rather just listen to the original. It was a fine remix back in the day, but it just doesn't hold up to modern standards. This could be a really sweet remix if they revised it with a better sound font; up the sound quality a bit...
  6. This may be my favorite remix from the entire Street Fighter franchise.
  7. I would LOVE to get a copy of this without the crying in it
  8. This was really cool at first but it lost me somewhere in the middle; it stopped being as much fun to listen to.
  9. "Can you do Legend of Zelda?" "Uhh, we're working on that..."
  10. Am I the only one who thought at 2:23 it was about to bust into the Star Wars theme?