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  1. There's a honky tonk piano or something that's just out of tune, trying to play along with a sweet guitar, and I'm sorry but that just isn't doing it for me.
  2. Can we get a version without that thing int he middle? I get enough of "losing touch with reality" in my every day life; I don't need it in my entertainment too. But I really enjoyed the rest of it; it would be nice to have a version of that.
  3. This is SO CLOSE to being a good remix, even a great one! But it is stopped dead in its tracks by some glaring flaws. What's with the engineering on this one? It's like the artist's six year old nephew came in and starting twisting the volume knob on the tracks just to be funny. We have these strong melodies starting and then suddenly dropping off into quiet solitude. And elsewhere in the song it does the opposite.
  4. This is a beautiful piece, but that sound effect of an old office phone ringing really took me out of it. The muted walla works for the tone, but those "public place" sounds open with a very distracting phone ring that just takes me out of the groove.
  5. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to escape from Monkey Island?" "No, how did you ESCAPE FROM MONKEY ISLANDTM?"
  6. The melody in the first part sounds a LOT like the stage 1 music from Journey to Silius. Maybe someone needs to do a mashup of those two.
  7. This is good, but it also is showing its age. Nearly twenty years later, I'd love to hear this one remade with some more modern sound-fonts (is that the right term?) that sound almost identical to a real orchestra.
  8. I really like the - I guess I would call it the "arrangement." But I don't like the instruments. It's a great tune, and I love the way it explores the melodies and moves through various "feels" behind those melodies. But about half of these chiptune sounds just come out really poorly and are grating to my ears. I'd love to hear this as a different version that replaces the instruments.
  9. I have a bit of mixed feelings for this. The original has dancing ingrained into me so much that it feels like a travesty to be playing the song at this slower pace. This remix does what a remix should do though, and so it's hard to say that it is "bad" because of that. It's just me, I guess; I can't enjoy it like I should because the pace is killing me.
  10. Normally I hate it when remixes change the melody. But this song, when it does, actually does sound interesting and enjoyable.
  11. It's been years, and I've still never seen anyone make a remix even close to how good this is. Where did AmIEvil go? He made the best remixes...
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