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Fintal Fantasy remixes in DTS


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Hello everybody, it has been a while since my last visit and frankly I miss this forum a lot.

I have made two Final Fantasy remixes and I haven't let anyone listen to any of them yet.

I would really like someone to listen to them and give me some feedback, just knowing that anyone has heard the music would be cool.

Is anyone interested in listening to any of my DTS tracks? If you've got an amplifier that can play DTT that is, if so, you just burn the tracks to a cd and it will work fine.


Final Fantasy Main theme

Final Fantasy Cid's theme

Thanks everyone for viewing this thread atleast and I hope you all have a good time making music

I've got an FTP server that you can connect to if you would like to download the music. You can go there with your browser or an ordinary ftp client:

Thanks / cotnt

/ cotnt

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