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Audiosurf & OC ReMix music


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For those of you that have bought Audiosurf thru steam, let's point out what songs from here are best or most challenging to play on in (Audiosurf). This serves as a guide as to what to use with Audiosurf. Plus, I felt quite strange being one of anywhere from five to three on the high score list for casual-mode's listing of my collection of OCremix music.

1: most of goat's music is actually faster and more challenging than my best metallica.

2: Dragon's Prayer (or something like that in title) was also more difficult.

*Character played with was Mono in casual.

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Someone please tell me if my music is any good for Audiosurfing. This is one of those times when Mac ownership turns around and bites you. :(

Correction: When Mac ownership from before 2006 hurts you.

If you have a younger machine and don't want to partition it, well, nothing we can do about that.

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I played through Blood on the Asphalt on AS; it was pretty good.

I highly recommend the likes of London Elektricity, Nu:Tone and Logistics... their tracks are amazing to play.

A surprisingly good piece was JS Bach's 5th Brandenburg Concerto - absolutely amazing.

Stuff like Explosions in the Sky can also be quite surreal.

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