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  1. I loved this game, start to finish. I also played the heck out of it, and did a of a no-damage New Game+ run! It might come in handy if you're looking for a strategy of some of the tougher encounters
  2. On the history of early social culture within the video game community: So essentially the idea was for the community to piece together the hints and secrets as an exercise in information exchange. You know, before GameFAQs and Nintendo Power, etc.
  3. It's only been about 310 pages since I visited this thread! I picked up the game again recently, and play on a survival server with a bunch of dudes. I decided I wanted to make a big old tree to live in (I didn't know the idea was so popular!), and it became a project. Here's a shot of the tree (the rest of the pictures will be linked): Pre-game planning minutia, because I'm too OCD to freestyle a big tree. The trick was filling the tree with stuff, but I decided to make it a tavern for people to hang out in instead! But I started with a basement. Basement: Eden The Garden of Eden, food apl
  4. Compliments of Zdzisław Beksiński. http://i.imgur.com/FGQHF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FcyJ8.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TbjIe.jpg http://i.imgur.com/yymxZ.jpg
  5. Epicenter was in, what, Mineral VA? That's less than 100 miles from Arlington. I bet John F. Kennedy was rolling in his grave. We felt it pretty good in Landover, MD. I stared up for 30 seconds and made sure nothing was coming down on my head, and that was about it. Far more entertaining to me than the baby's-first-earthquake stories of people running out of buildings were first timers who were -already- outside, and thought they were suffering from a stroke/seizure.
  6. The Dennis

    Portal 2

    Popping in briefly to haunt your dreams: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/8422/whod.png
  7. Thanks for the tip! Thanks to you I wasn't afraid to commit myself to a little more involved sprite! So, Here's one more I did before bed! Here's the side-by-side comparison: (Anyone notice my desktop image? Eh? eh?)
  8. I haven't played much outside of Survival mode, that's the first time I messed with any other modes since it has colored cloth. Is there a way to make your own password-protected server or something? I would love to make a bunch of sprites without worrying about griefers coming in and messing everything up.
  9. I'm proud of my first attempt at sprite art! Hopefully they'll put colored cloth in survival soon so I can do this stuff in singleplayer! Then I'll be able to start taking requests!
  10. A bunch of us on a forum I frequent are getting together to boatmurder a Minecraft savegame. It'll be interesting to see if anything really good comes out of it or if we just completely ravage a square mile of land.
  11. Whoa whoa whoa, slow your roll there, champ. Where did I claim that was mine? My stuff is waaaaay less awesome. I was just showing (what is probably) my favorite Minecraft picture! I'm currently trying to make a small village in a snow valley right now, but a lot of trees are dying for the log cabins.
  12. Well, it is certainly a matter of opinion whether or not it is still 'easy' to play with a classic 360 D-Pad. However, from a strictly design/implementation standpoint, it is inferior to a classic D-Pad, in that it requires more precision in the button press. The 360 D-Pad is a solid disc, as opposed to separate buttons or a strict shape cross shape. What this means is that for the pressure points for the u/d/l/r inputs under the disc, if you want to input a 'diagonal', you would just press a different part of the disc, as opposed to two different buttons at once. The question becomes, at w
  13. Also, if you don't get a controller with built-in turbo, and you have problems getting the integrated turbo to work within an emulator (I have), might I remind you that xpadder xpadder xpadders the xpadder's xpadder. Basically, it's a bind-any-key-to-controller program with built-in turbo, toggle, multi-input functions. Great for binding those save/load states to the controller. Sorry, I'm not on the OCR scene as much as I used to, so forgive me if that program's common knowledge. It used to be free. Now it's 'not free'. ahem.
  14. If you can get your hands on one of these, this is it for any emulation needs. It has the tight, comfortable analog sticks of the 360 controllers combined with a D-Pad that doesn't suck complete and utter ass like the classic 360 controllers; it also has built-in turbo. It only wouldn't be very good for Saturn emulation(?), but yeah. You get the idea. Nice pad. I recommend against getting a classic 360 pad if you're emulating NES/SNES. Better to get an adapter for a SNES controller or a PS2 controller instead.
  15. Came here to say exactly this. I lost 50 obsidian last night and I'm still sore about it Still. Sandbox game is Actual Sandbox. Also I'm playing 3D Dot Game Heroes again, doing a and made a sample video while I learn my way around each of the dungeons!Next will be Demon's Souls again.
  16. Love love love this game. It is, literally, the sole reason I bought a PS3. It isn't a story-driven game. What's there is pretty clear-cut though, it's not hard to understand. The music only exists in town and during boss fights. I find that to the game's credit; it creates a unique tension within levels when you're fighting difficult battles and there's no music. Think the LotR trilogy: thematic music as the hordes of troops charge at each other, right up until the point they collide, then the music stops. It also makes the music for the boss fights more meaningful and dramatic. Each bo
  17. EPILOGUE: Assume it would take average 60 seconds per suicide/level completion, and 4 seconds per slot machine roll. At the given rates, it would take 2,777,841,450,626,986,826,572 seconds to reach the max. That's about 88,026,363,867,855 years and 5 months. Trillion years, with a T. If you wanted to get the maximum number of lives, and then blow them all at 1 life per second, it would take over 102 trillion years.
  18. The game doesn't wrap the lives around. I remember hearing that SMB1 does that but haven't checked... I have, however, checked SMB2, and it just stays at 255 until you lose a life. Extra lives do nothing.
  19. Yeah, I did mention the 255/256 thing early on there before the math assault commenced! Uh, I have no idea how long it would take. I could calculate it, but it would all rest on estimates of time spent doing things (say, average one minute per death/run through level, four seconds per slot machine roll, etc). Maybe I'll get back to you on that. It absolutely is! You can actually cheese the slot machine by timing it correctly, although it takes some practice. The game only has two 'digits' to display the number of lives you have as well, but it doesn't use hex digits to display your lives.
  20. I know the numbers are big but it was just a little bit of basic calculator work and some critical thinking, it wasn't a month-long project or anything But no, no summer classes. Done with college.
  21. This was a fun bit of math/theory that I worked through on another forum. Figured it may be relevant to your interests. Super Mario Brothers 2 had an interesting extra lives system. There were a few one-ups scattered throughout the levels, that you could only collect once per game. The MAIN way for getting extra lives was in the shadow world system. There were hidden potions that made a door to take you to the shadow world for a few seconds; you could put them near leaves, and the leaves in the shadow world, when pulled up, yielded coins that could be used in a slot machine at the end of e
  22. Funny you should mention that, because on Schnab's video 'Boom Skiggy', Ronald Jenkees actually stumbled upon it himself and commented on it. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKOsBM_P5dY
  23. I do remember this the last time it came around on the forums. It's really neat. I bet the whispering woman has a great ass. I couldn't find anything else on the technology, only some old talk about hearing aids. So, I don't know of the possibility for widespread applications. It'll probably stay pretty unknown for the time being, since we haven't heard about it in a year and a half. On a side note, that guy's page has a lot of cool shit on it. Here's a video about some guy creating a piece of hardware that lets you interact digitally in the real world: http://www.sajithmr.me/augmented-r
  24. Given the inclusion of roughly 1/3 of that list, you almost have to include Ergheiz. *shudder*
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