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Mario Land Chai kingdom (4-1) Remix


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There is a remix I have been looking for for a long time now.

I remember the remix was of the Chai kingdom (World4-1) and is either called Tanaka Waiting or Tatanga's Waiting. thats about all I remember. If anyone can push me in the right direction of how to aquire this remix or just give it to me (On a silver and gem encrusted platter preferably :D) I would be happy. I loved this remix and I cant seem to findd it now.

Also on a related note, f anyone is willing to remix world 4-1 from Mario land Iwqould also appreciate it. tnx.

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Oh, man... *grins from ear to ear* That sure takes me back... :-D

As much as I'd love to hear that old World 4 "Chai" tune, I'd also love to hear the World 2 "Muda" theme. The tunes from those games were just so sweet and infectious, and in every good way possible. ^_^

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