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Ableton Live subforum? Live users speak up!

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Not sure if I can suggest stuff like this but I figured I might as well just in case.

Anyways, im not sure how many people here use ableton live, but perhaps we could use a sub forum for it, just like there is one for Reason and Fruityloops?

I guess the one argument against this would be "then we have to make sub forums for everything".. which I suppose makes sense.

If this is out of the question, then just lock I suppose, but I would like some people to discuss this. Is there enough interest/use in ableton for it to have its own subforum?

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We discussed the possibility of other, program-specific subforums when we were first redesigning the Workspace category. Live was brought up, but we determined that there were not enough users to merit its addition. It would be interesting to see how many there are now though, so I'm going to change the topic name and encourage any Live users here to speak up!

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