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Ebay has, um, cool stuff! I WANT I WANT I IWANT! (*Drools Saliciously*)


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Check out this Ebay auction...:


It's time to ask Santa what I want for Christmas this year... It is so NOT FAIR that I don't make $500.00 an hour! Maybe if I ask Grandma and Grandpa to borrow some money... Can I ask anyone out there for a 'donation?...' Hey Mr Boss dude, can I please have a raise? How about some stock options?...

This is going to be one nutty bidding war! Hey, Maybe DJ Pretzel can but it and have it as a contest item?... Then I can figure put how to win the contest... yeah, that's a good idea! Good thinking Aotearoa! [Yes, I am being facetious/sarcastic/silly!].

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