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  1. Frazetta's art is truly awesome stuff, and I have no doubt that people decades from now will be admiring his work. I can't imagine what games like Brutal Legend would've looked like if it weren't for his influential artwork.
  2. I play Audiosurf every now and then, although I'm not competitive at all... it's just a good way to relax.
  3. The bug things SUCK. It took me probably two hours to get through those stupid tunnels my first time through 2-2. There actually is a shortcut to the boss (although this is Demon's Souls, so it involves a lot of huge drops that will kill you if not aimed perfectly). If you turn right at the first fork in the stage, you'll eventually get to a pit that has ledges and platforms leading down, and hopefully some messages left by other players to guide you. Even with messages, there's a lot of trial and error the first time you do it, so if you want to try the shortcut, you might want to spend all your souls first. As for Flamelurk himself, I play a pure melee character, and my first time through I couldn't do it without summoning other players to help. I really wish I had better advice than that.
  4. The PS2 had a 64-bit processor. Anyway, I'm cautiously excited about this. I absolutely love Okami, and from the few released screens of Okamiden, it looks like they've done a really good job keeping the style of the original despite the technical downgrade. However, it's hard to expect much when none of the original team is involved in a sequel.
  5. I agree completely It happened so suddenly, too... I never got a chance to do one last goodbye zombie raid on Stormwind.
  6. HH Mount dropped for me today. I rolled an 8.
  7. Put in spoiler-text for the courtesy of others: You can temporarily solidify them using Concrete Shot. More detailed strategy follows in next paragraph if you're still stuck. Come up the ladder, wait for the bottom one to stop, hop onto the lower platform in the middle, wait for the bottom one to shoot by and stop again, jump onto the right side, fire Concrete Shot when the bottom lava beam gets near you. Then hop onto it, face right, and fire concrete shot at the next beam before it gets to you. Hop onto that one, fire a shot on the topmost beam, jump onto it, and make your way to the ladder closest to you. It's incredibly tricky to get the timing down, but you'll get it eventually. Hope that helps!
  8. It starts out kind of slow (the "video blog" portion feels forced and awkward - just like most video blogs, I suppose, haha) but once the first song starts it really picks up. Only other complaint is that Penny (played by the awesome Felicia Day from The Guild) is kind of a one-dimensional character. Other than that, I'm absolutely loving it, and can't wait for Act 3. And really, how could I say no to anything with Nathan Fillion in it?
  9. Hahaha, I remember the same exact thing happening before. I think it was over Devil May Cry 4. They even started an internet petition! BETTER WATCH OUT!
  10. I agree that this is the kind of thing the Wii remote should've had all along, and it's good to see Nintendo responding to some criticism. I haven't really played a game where the motion sensing was totally fun. It was neat in Wii Sports, but the novelty wore off after that. Even in games that I love, like Zack & Wiki, it feels like a crapshoot on whether or not the game will actually recognize what you're doing. Hopefully this will help.
  11. The trailer was awesome. The music definitely didn't disappoint, and the game is looking like everything I could've hoped it to be. I can't wait!
  12. People will complain about anything. Blizzard definitely looks to be on the right track with Diablo 3, in spite of the vocal minority who are afraid of colors other than brown.
  13. http://kotaku.com/5019986/old-school-mega-man-9-coming-to-wiiware This has some information on it. BASICALLY it's pretty much the most awesome thing in the world. Sure, they're pandering to the nostalgic crowd... but it's still awesome!
  14. My main is a resto druid. I love healing instances, and it's fun in PvP as well. If I'm holding a node in AB, I can have four guys wailing on me and I'll usually be able to hold out long enough for some backup to arrive. Good fun! Unless one of those guys is a lock with a felhunter. DAMN those things are annoying.
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