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ON IT - new MSI remix contest


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Alright you guys... this isn't exactly a video game remix or anything of the sort BUT...

Hoping there is some interest...

Mindless Self Indulgence have just announced a remix contest for the song "On It" from there upcoming album, "IF" (due out later this month).

Follow This Link to access MSI's MySpace Blog. Click on the blood splatter icon at the bottom to torrent three vocal "stems" from the song.

The files are lossless WAVs and contain primary vocals and vocal effects for the song, however, there's no backing music.

Here's where you come in...download this and create your own backing tracks/remix!

The winner 's remix will appear on MSI's next album following IF.

You guys don't even have to like MSI to do this since you're basically coming up with a whole new song...

You guys are all good about changing up game music into other genres... slowing down, speeding up... beach party, rave, metal, hip hop...

I know this is a music community and a remix community as well...

So I was hoping some of you might find some interest in this.

My little contribution since I haven't been too active anyway

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I started working on one, hopefully I'll be done before the deadline. I think it's next week or something, a day before If comes out. (The new CD is awesome too)

I don't think a lot of people on OCR like MSI, something about them being gay or something, I don't know. They are my favorite band so that must show that I have no taste in music. (At least, that's what I'm told.)

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yeah deadhex is a prettty hardcore msi fan. wouldn't be suprised if he whipped smth up.

I busted out the keytar for this, I really hope I can make it sound good. Also, I'll have to have you listen to the song, it's really good. "If" is just on repeat right now, I'm addicted to it.

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I'm entering the competition. I basically did a video game remix. Jeez... I wonder how many people are entering. I wonder if the band will even listen to 5% of them... I know the email address for submissions is a marketing company, so I assume someone is weeding out the crap and the joke entries.

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