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    I like acid. It's fun and it gets you high. Yes.
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  1. I busted out the keytar for this, I really hope I can make it sound good. Also, I'll have to have you listen to the song, it's really good. "If" is just on repeat right now, I'm addicted to it.
  2. I started working on one, hopefully I'll be done before the deadline. I think it's next week or something, a day before If comes out. (The new CD is awesome too) I don't think a lot of people on OCR like MSI, something about them being gay or something, I don't know. They are my favorite band so that must show that I have no taste in music. (At least, that's what I'm told.)
  3. Josh, shut the hell up. (I'm kidding, I love you.)
  4. DotM was the shit and everyone was amazing that was in it. Or something to that effect. I met some great and long lasting friends through that and it was fun. Yes. We could write books with all the lulz that happened in that guild. VOLUMES UPON VOLUMES. As the second leader of DotM, I approve this message? Josh, you're a fag, but I love you.
  5. Jack off Jill is a great band, you should check them out. (Don't know if they were mentioned earlier.)
  6. Dead Hex

    Happy Music

    http://myspace.com/downtownbrown Listen to Happy Music for Happy People. It's the happiest shit you'll ever find. Ever.
  7. Dead Hex


    Ok wangless. ...I'm not fat... *sniff*
  8. Dead Hex


    Why would you remix it, it is perfect. No flaws. Perfect.
  9. Dead Hex

    Halo 3

    Anyone going to midnight release in San Diego? This guy from that was at comic-con dressed in full Mjolnir armor is going to be at the Gamestop downtown, so I'm going. Should be lulz.
  10. Dead Hex

    Xbox 360

    Yeah, Infinite Undiscovery is Square-Enix/Tri-Ace's other exclusive 360 RPG. I get what you are saying about the realtime/turnbased stuff though, sometimes I do like just straight up classic turn based combat. Sometimes I like real-time though, like in Fable, or Sudeki. Sudeki also happened to be pretty good, thanks to random pointing at Family Video, I found it.
  11. Dead Hex

    Xbox 360

    Square is publishing last remnant. I think that Infinite Undiscovery looks much more interesting than Last Remnant though, and the fact that everything is real time is great. I just wonder how they are going to have you control/command the rest of your party in battle.
  12. Dead Hex

    Halo 3

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the rest of the armor sets for the Spartans look ugly as fuck? Ugh.
  13. How would the music be muffled? The DS has excellent sound quality. I use it as an MP3 player, and it sounds just perfect. If there was anything I would be worried about with a remake of any game on the DS, sound would not be it.
  14. Ok, so... you get bit by this huge dragon, and that knocks you out, you get shot with a gun, you get knocked out. You get stabbed with a sword and... you die. How does having 0 health points mean you get knocked out? Makes no sense.
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