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Harvest Moon


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The only harvest moon game ive enjoyed was the gamecube 'a wonderful life' eagerly awaiting the newest one to be released in europe as magical melody is naff, which game is the spring tune from that you are thinking of cause there are many harvest moon games, im not familar that they share the same tunes...

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Okay, more specifically Harvest Moon for the SNES.

That was a fun game for a while. I never played the N64 version.

Can I remix this as an opera song? rofl

Birds are singing, cows they go moo

Chickens are happy, cockadoodle doo

running round a picking vegetables yay!

everyone is singing tralalalala

now it's raining I don't have to water veggies

time to get the eggs to sell for monies, monieess, moooonniieessss!

If someone can come up with lyrics that are less stupid and/or gay feel free to post them.

Upon request, I can record this in German also (someone babelfish it for me, lol).

I normally sing tenor, but felt like singing baritone for this one.

It will only be on the internet for 7 days. I would prefer not to leave it up longer (lest it leek to one of those horrid online radio stations).


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I just found a music reminding me harvest moon (SNES), i cant put the finger on what song was it but it have the same high/echoed piano notes flying-in-the-star atmosphere ! Probably when it's new year 1st or something...

Anyway, it's coming from depthcore, i was feeling like talkin about it !

It's called "My Memory".

see it more closely here :

www.depthcore.com section "music" in the new pack Requiem !


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