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  1. ah refills, so its reason then... I have the damn program but cant use it its way too complicated and overwhelming... I suck. Anyways I look forward to seeing your updated version
  2. We're in the same boat dude dont worry haha. Politely ask Rozovian for a critique he always seems to delivier sound advice with exelent deep anyalsis. That is when he doesnt just decide to bitch about a song he doesnt like. I respect his opinions quite allot though. xGx
  3. Sounding much better now! Only thing i could say is are you using any crash cymbols on that drum kit? Theres a gong which is excellently used but the only crashes I heard was about 2:43 onward. its like you've forgot to use it in the early stages of the song where if used lightly and correctly would aid the build up without making it too dramatic as to ruin the ending feeling of intensity. Over all its looking really really good now, dont know what else i could say about this apart from its good ^-^ xGx
  4. I do have more phoenix wright in the works to make up for the fact this is a bizzare genre, Gumshooooooooooooooooooooe!! xGx
  5. Hey dude thats really nice of your to appolgise like that, im sorry myresponce was a little immature but you've shown you are obvisously understanding and mature about it and stuff. obvisously my mix doesnt appeal to everyone. xGx props to you mr.sneak
  6. First thing, Straight away the bass blew me away, wth how do you do that!? what are you using for that?! its insanely awsome... damn I want to be able to make shit like that. Not sure of the source for this but... The intro voice was cool. The little snare in the beginning was a little poor during the build up until 1:24 perhaps a little echo on it? A few of the initial changes seemed to come very suddenly without provocation which was a little weird but then they started to work better as it changed more and more. at 2:10ish i love the sounds there and then the offbeat hihat sounds reallu awsome together. at 2:52 not sure i like that instrument, its like a distored sitar or something? I mean its ok... It not really bad... drops back down to the bass and some awsome drum loop comes in, some nice fills those are sick. love the build up after that too. loved it all the way to the end This is pretty awsome, that bass omg... share secrets dude xGx P.S. just saw the OST link - didnt realise what OST stood for then it just clicked whoops...
  7. Not bad for a beginner dude not at all, but yeah you gotta do something about those drums. Definatly need some reverb on that sitar and stuff, I use reverb allot more now as allot of people pointed out it does make allot of stuff sound better. The midi guitar noise i hate it everytime i hear it its like an insult to real guitar Although I liked the dropping noise before 55 but when it comes in i didnt like it at all. xGx P.s. haha!! dafydd I checked out yours and i was like "what the hell is this?" its so cheesy but i was digging it! Then when it kicked in i was like "wtf this is awsome" and I loved the entire thing! The build up is perfect, you need to bring that back dude
  8. That hi hat at the start is good up until when the bass/snare kick in. at that point it starts to sound very forced and weird like its played by a robot or something. 2:33 breaks down a bit but the drums dont seem to come down with the rest of it, maybe some ride cymbol? 3:00 gets a little weird, i think some definate fills and proper accents on the drums would help it here the drums just dont seem to match the tune love the way it comes back in though at 3:21 ending it still weird but you said you wernt done with that yet apart from those little bits i think its coming along really well xGx
  9. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gZPYFK0HpU8 was the main sorta inspiration for my remix (everything in the first minute and 20 odd seconds can be compared to mine allot) As for you dragonnyght check out 0:49 Got nothing nice to say at least be less of a dick about it. xGx p.s. That phoenix wright remix you linked me to was just boring, I didnt like anything about it... so much for good example.
  10. this was a very serious WIP, the source was awsome. If you havent played the game you have missed out big. I kinda like the bitcrush noise, tried to break it up with the organ which i thought worked well. so you hate voice clips? well i dont, I atcually kinda nicked the ending from a1-the_speedfreak-weapons_of_mass_confusion-1real.mp3 - ill find a youtube link in a sec... illl update soon gotta go xGx
  11. Yeah all the songs didnt seem serious, at all...
  12. This is really deep and dark, I like it. Nice selection of intruments, in particular the snaredrum gong and choir. really liked the pick up at 1:50. There was a werid scratchy noise at about 1:56 which was weird/rubbish. Not sure what I could add to this... Quite like it as is. xGx
  13. This is one ive been meaning to get around to doing... epic game awsome song, perhaps I will soon xGx
  14. I Completely agree with Roz, better drums and add keys! Other than that its cool xGx
  15. I just checked out that site of random rejects who cant remix songs properly and figured that this probably WOULD fit well there cause its better than anything they have... Its all a load of garbage apart from 'Sonic is wunt emruld' which is the only good song I heard and its brilliant haha. The rest of it though just made me cringe which I think is supose to be the sites goal anyways... I dont think I want to be assositated with such stuff I think Im slightly better than that so I'll stay clear of OLR even though I am kinda Overlooked as a remixer Im kinda getting the impression that your saying Im crap by telling me to go there thats kind of how bad that site seemed... If im getting the wrong Idea of OLR then its because of its content that I heard and I ment no offence to anyone should offence be taken. But I can see why you would say this song maybe belongs there in sence because it is rather random but it surely isnt THAT bad... xGx
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