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OCR Fit Club (Summer Session)


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Oh yea thanks Geoffrey Taucer for keeping an eye out for that Somner book. I just put in an order for the book and the DVDs (since I already got rings). THAT should be an awesome read!


After getting one of the best workouts I've ever had on friday, I couldn't do anything on saturday because my shoulders were completely fried. I could barely move saturday morning, and they're still pretty sore today.

Now that's what I call a workout. I'll probably do some flexibility work today, but nothing else.

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My right shoulder had been completely crippled since friday, and yesterday I finally said "fuck it" and worked rings anyway. After about five minutes of rings strength, my shoulder completely stopped hurting. Go figure.

I believe it. It's almost counter-intuitive when that sorta thing happens, but I think actually it's pretty common. A similar thing happened to me lately too. Friday I did a WOD that involved high-rep 225lb deadlifts (I'm about 155lb) for the first time since an injury to the lower back, and my next WOD on Sunday involved high-rep back extensions. Monday rolls around, and my posterior chain is so sore it hurts to get in and out of my car, but still decided to go through with another WOD with high-rep 225lb deadlifts. By the time I finished, caught my breath, and got my heartrate back down I noticed it felt a ton better.

DrumUltima, congrats on your run times and resolve man. As a suggestion, you may want to seriously consider looking into POSE method running, to avoid that sort of injury. Funny thing with running is it's not usually thought of to have a technique to it, but because of that the probability of injury related to the activity is relatively high.

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My shoulder is still sore and giving me trouble on crosses, but my malteses seem to be getting stronger and stronger, and I can finally do my inverted cross again (though not as low as I would like).

EDIT: Ok, I got my shoulder looked at, and I'm under strict doctor's orders to stay off rings all week.

Which fucking sucks, because I'm used to rings being the first thing I do when I get to the gym every day.

EDIT 2: I PM'd steben about editing the first post or starting a new thread a couple days ago and haven't heard back from him. If I don't hear from him by the end of the weekend, I'll start a new thread on monday.

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