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*NO* Final Fantasy 3 'The Airship's Canon'


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To OverClocked ReMix,

My name is Ryan Necas (D1&only Necas), 17 year old freshman studying

Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I have begun experimenting

with ReMixing and I would like to submit my first ReMix, "The Airship's

Canon". This is a ReMix of the Airship Theme, the big Airship mind you,

from Final Fantasy 3. Keep in mind this is my first submission, so if it

sucks ass, I'll understand. You can find my ReMix at:


"My Remix" is obviously the appropriate download link. The second link is

the MIDI file I made and recorded from, and the third is the original MIDI.

Keep in mind, when I put it on Angelfire, they changed part of the filename

from Airship's_Canon to Airship_s_Canon. I guess they don't accept

apostrophes, but you might like to fix it.

I made this ReMix to be a lot more peaceful and quiet than your other

ReMixes. My father constantly complains when I play songs from your site

because they "give him a headache". He actually likes the song I made. So

this song may be a tad simplistic, but I believe it is very beautiful. I

used the structural concept of Pachelbel's Canon, starting with 8 long

chords, then adding the main melody, then adding a supporting melody. The

changes to make the supporting melody are completely my work. I also made

changes to the main melody and the chords, and I slowed down the song

considerably so the supporting melody could be heard better. The song ends

in a round, offset one measure.

I'll be working on more of the Japanese only Final Fantasies, because

there are so few remixes for it. Especially after the Promised Land went

off the site (that was one of my favorites). Anyways, hope you like it.

Get back to me on the results as soon as you can.

D1&only Necas,

Ryan Necas


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The strings seem to be sequenced rather mechanically, I don't hear many changes in velocity or volume and these sound like the string samples off a creative soundcard; that's bad. Also, this is much too short...

wow, that's the most anti-climactic and unfulfilling ending I've heard in a while.

oh and anything you gain with 48khz will be lost once you encode to mp3. Please use 44.1 in the future.


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it sounds like only one or two tracks got rendered on a more full song. Honestly, it sounds like the background strings and arpeggio harps got rendered and everything else was forgotten. Is there supposed to be more to this? as it is, it's waaaaaaaayyyyyy too empty/simple.



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