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See More, Know More (Seymor Omnis from FFX)


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Hey all, I'm posting a WIP that I've started in an attempt to capture the epic feel of the last Seymour battle from Final Fantasy X.

Some notes regarding this WIP:

-It's in a collaborative stage, with a guitar part still in the works. That's why there's a dry spell at the end, where I assume that guitar will go.

-This was made entirely in GarageBand, but no loops were involved...

-The drums were inspired by Bear McCreary, the composer for the TV series "Battlestar Galactica". The idea is a Taiko/choir/guitar hybrid that hopefully will take shape soon.

-SoundClick has diminished sound quality a little bit.

That's enough chatter, let's get to the song:


Please comment!

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[X] Too loud

[X] Too quiet


[X] Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough)

PERSONAL COMMENTS (positive feedback, specifics on checklist criticisms, any other thoughts)

Having not heard the original tune (never made it past a few hours into FF9, FF8 really killed my interest in the series), I wasn't sure of what to expect going in.

The first full minute... eh... well, let's just say that the choir stuff is working when it starts, but it drags on far too long as the primary source of sound. I was seriously losing interest until the changeup around 1:06, and then I was digging it a lot. It was all going great, everything meshed well (the electronic aspect with the choral aspect), but then it went into a very, very, very, VERY generic nts and I lost all interest once again.

I don't know the style you're going for this because it's just too short to determine, but I'd lose the nts if I were you. It makes an otherwise imaginative and original (to my knowledge, having not heard the original) piece and turns it into another nts-fest.

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the build up is great, although the vocal is to flat and to soft it carries on for to long, the drums break it up nicely but it still goes on for another 30 secs,.

The beat is blended in nicely with the vocal track, and from there on it just gets better and better

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There's some weird phasing effects on the choir, and it is by comparison ridiculously wet - the rest of the track needs more reverb... or even more release, at least on the taiko drum or whatever that was. If you're gonna rework that into that hybrid instrument, take the release tail into consideration.

Source has a lot of good stuff to use, and there's room enough in the remix for using more source, and perhaps by finding approprtiate instruments for those you can vary the soundscape like Nekofrog's review suggests you need to.

1:36 of build-up? No man, shorten the intro, use bits of it as an outro or interlude instead.

The mood is great tho, it'll be interesting to see how this develops.

That's my two cents. I want them back some time.

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