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PRC122: Hedgehogs - too cool for sprites! (Sonic 3D Blast)


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if we did make a video, we should stress that people of all levels of remixing are welcome. The word "competition", especially when coming from OCR, can be a little intimidating, I think. Listening to past entries really helped me build up the courage to give it a try; it's not completely ultra-popular posted remixers duking it out. We're all learning here.

Excellent point! How to get that across in a video is beyond me. I guess if we had youtube videos that we randomly posted in the unmod section of similar minded forums with some text stating the above point and a link to a PRC myspace account and compo thasauce and ocr. And then on the myspace account we find all buding musicians who claim they're "dj's" or remixers or specifically game remixers and then actual ocr remixers and add them to our friends list so that we can send out bulletins about what the next song is and when the voting period starts and all that. Sending five to seven bulletins like "new contest starts today!" and "only two more days til the contest ends" and "vote now" will help keep it in everyone's face and that should drum up more competition!

Ok...wow...I think I'm putting to much thought into this crackpot idea!

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Well it sounds awesome that's for sure, albeit the issue now is trying to ensure that their idea of remixing isn't just taking a MIDI into Fruityloops. It can be a good way to spread the word, but the issue is trying to find somewhere to start outside OCR and all. We'll think about it, I assure you.

For now, it's results time. Which of you obtained the Chaos Emeralds and defeated Dr Eggman? And which of you lost all your rings - and your sanity - to a single badnik?

Total number of mixes - 4

Total number of votes - 5 (lame!)

Hightest possible score - 15

Chickenwarlord scooped up another last place wooden spoon with 6 points.

Binweasel mildly shone his way to third place with 8 points.

munchi is left out at second place with 10 points.

And the winner by an unanimous decision is Rexy with 15 points!

See, I knew this would happen. And you may think I'd complain about the state of finding a source tune while doing other more exciting things. Whichever is the case, I have something ready and you'll be surprised with the selection - you thought it might have been covered by now but it absolutely hasn't for some strange reason or another.

Whichever happens, it's been a quiet week for PRC in spite of everything coming together at the last minute but we still managed to put up a show. And let's see if we can keep building on that for the next contest - PRC123, starting this Friday.

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It seems like most compos around here need a bit of help, CMC is doing well, but could always use a few more entrants, PRC has consistently been getting entries, but it's mostly the same people, so I agree that we should try to get a few more, (I've been planning to enter lately, but the 1 week deadline is tricky to work into my schedule, I'll manage it one of these times.) ORC is currently trying to get off of the ground, this month and last it boasted only 2 entries, it's sad for something that used to do so well. I think we just need a mega OCR campaign, but as it has been said, we want more remixes, not midi-rips...

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