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Cave Story - Hero's End/Scorching Back - Megacollab fustercluck?


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This is something I started like, two years ago. But I'm now reviving it because I am interested in it again!

So basically it's sort of a dueling ROCK MUSIC VERSUS ORCHESTRA MUSIC type of thing. It combines two tracks from cave story, hero's end and scorching back.

So my idea is this: what if like, everyone on ocr who plays an instrument did a track on this! On this track i'm playing drums (two years ago)... it's not so great. But of course, I'd love to be able to play drums and timpani if I can perform/record well enough. Failing that though, I'd like to get some of the community involved. If you play an instrument and wanna get involved, then that would be cool! Especially the guitars and violin, which are pretty crappy samples right now because I'm really counting on (hoping on) finding somebody. But yeah, if you're interested, can play for real, and have recording equipment, let me know ;)

Sorry about general muddiness... but, it is a wip, right? :< I'll be sure to clean a bunch of that up, especially in the middle (i can't listen to it without exporting it)


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Returning the favour here, as I feel it is my civil duty.

The arrangement isn't bad at all, and really thats all I'm going to judge on because I understand that most of this will probably be replaced with quality instruments.

Ok, I'm going to mark off this section because its more of a personal preference thing that a general critique (that I will give later) so take all of this with a grain of salt.


I really like the arrangement, but I think everything from 3:04 onward should be redone. I would have loved to hear a guitar come in right there along with some pseudo-military styled drumming on the snare before the entire thing going into a half-time breakdown with both orchestral elements (mainly sustained violins and violas) and rock elements going on at the same time. While this all goes on, it evolves into a huge rock breakdown with an insane drum solo, I'm talking Rush's Tom Sawyer insane. Then it all comes back into the main rock theme with a 1/16th note palm muted guitar going on in the background.


Ok, non-styled critiques. The main reason why I felt that is because it doesn't feel like the mix kicks in fully at any point; there is no "holy shit" moment to it and this mix, as ambitious as it is, needs one. Also, once the second drop comes in it all kinda feels a bit redundant, like not much has changed from the first time around. I think there either needs to be a climax to this song when the second rock drop happens or right before it because as it is, the second rock part only feels like its there because it was necessary.

I would also like to see more variety to the drums, but I pretty much can assume that, along with any other embellishments will be made when the samples are either replaced with better samples, or real people playing.

So yeah, overall the arrangement is good, but I really feel like its missing a big epic "I need this mix" part to it. I would offer to contribute something to this but I have no cool sample packs and my drum skills pale in comparison to yours. I do wish you luck though and I'd be willing to help mix it.

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Hey man, thanks for the feedback. Can you define to me what you mean by drop? I think I know what you're saying for the first one (3:24?) but I'm not sure what you mean by the second one. It may very well be that I'm already moving towards what you're looking for, but I'm not sure where you're talking about.

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