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There's a definite Cave Story vibe there (for me), and that's a superb thing! I agree with SOC. That synth is a bit loud. Also the preceeding sineish line is likewise slightly piercing. The last 30 seconds feel somewhat aimless, and needlessly dissonant. There's a great bit at 04:04-04:10 but otherwise I feel the track should wrap up more strongly. Overall, a great track. I love how strong it sounds using very simple (or so I at least think) synth sounds.


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I really like this retro style. Great intro. I also have to agree that this could have come straight out of Cave Story, which imo is a high honor. Sounds like the track to a long level lined with wind generators leading up to the final boss level. The synth gives it that ominous feel, but it does need to be toned down a bit. You've got a lot of great stuff going on here and in parts it can be pretty distracting. I won't comment much on the ending but I think it would help to use a sound effect, like the warbling square you first use at 1:02. Great stuff!

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