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  1. I've had the wip of this song in my playlist for quite a while now. Good to see it show up on the main page.
  2. Strangely, I think I like v4 better than the current version. Mostly because of the sound of the lead. The higher pitch and lower volume allowed the electronic sounds you have behind it to come through more clearly. Could just be personal taste, but for now I'll be listening to v4, which to me, is good enough to enter my normal rotation.
  3. I like your guitar work on this one. This track fits it well. Just needs to not end abruptly now.
  4. That's odd. I was going to comment that it should be longer, then I realized that for some reason it only downloaded like half of the song for me. The main thing I would say at this point is the first half sounds a bit too midi-ish. I get that was part of what you were going for with it, but at the same time there's probably a way you could make the sound a bit deeper while keeping the same basic feel.
  5. I think a fair bit of the 'emptyness' comment comes from the instrument being used as the lead, especially in the first two minutes. You should try replacing it with something a bit more robust, even if just to see how it changes the sound of the piece. A second instrument accompanying it would also probably be a good idea.
  6. I've listened to the three revisions of this song a good 15-20 times this week. Needless to say, I really like this song! At first when I heard the change towards the wind instruments in the second version I didn't like it so much. But with this third revision, I think they sound really good now. Also, now that I'm listening to this on my home speakers instead of my headphones at work I can hear that the first version sounds a bit flat in comparison. So yeah, I'm completely behind the wind instruments now. My biggest nitpick now would be the vocals section. Having them introduced slightly earlier on might help, but I think the thing I dislike about it the most is that I really like the first part of the song! So when you slow it down so much, I just find myself wanting it to speed back up the whole time. It reminds me a bit of the 'In the Atrium' song where I usually just end up skipping over the second half of the song because the style changes completely in the middle.
  7. How about something like "Hard Hat Assault" since the first Wily stage from MM4 is crawling with them?
  8. I like what you've got so far! It should be interesting to see what else you do with this. I'm wondering where you're going to insert the trombone (though if I had to guess I would say somewhere around the 2:20 mark).
  9. Damn, I was just getting into the song and it ended. Nice work so far!
  10. I rather like what you've got here. I especially like the part in the middle where the boss theme comes in. My main concern is the file size is currently over the standards. I assume you're going to cut the bitrate down for submission, right?
  11. Somehow this piece really says 'wind generator'. You should see if the town will let you play this song loudly from the generators, it would make a good theme song for them.
  12. The lead is too quiet in comparison to the percussion. I had to turn my headphones up quite a bit before I heard anything other than the drums.
  13. This is sounding pretty good! I can't really compare it to earlier versions since this is the first one I've listened to, but it sounds like you're going the right direction with this.
  14. Listened to this in my headphones. My first concern is the first 1:20 or so is probably too close to the source material, it might be enough to have the mix rejected. The next bit is a nice changeup, but some of the transitions felt a bit too abrupt to me (particularly the ones at 1:35 and 1:46, it felt like there wasn't anything in the preceding section that set either of these changes up, if that makes sense - basically, I felt like the flow was lost at both of these points). Other than that, I have to agree with the previous two posters that the sound samples were a bit low-fi. They give the song a bit of a flat feeling. I think changing the samples would give the song a nice bit of depth. I don't know that I have much of a problem with the drums, unlike the first two. To me, they have a very similar quality to the drums from the original song, which ties them together more effectively.
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