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Cheap way to record electric guitar

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I'm thinking about buying a pod xt for a good computer recording system. Is their anything out there thats cheaper? I don't want anything like guitar rig, I want to use my hardware tones.

I'm just looking for something I can plug my guitar into(with amp) that goes into my computer for recording.


My budget is 200-300, but I'd like to keep it cheap as possible.

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You know there's such thing as guitar to USB, right? You can get a single cord for electrical guitar to USB for like 40 bucks on eBay (and then shipping, but seriously). That's what I'm doing. I haven't heard of many people who use them, but the eBay shop that sells them are pretty legit, and have good feedback. Might wanna give it a try, if you're looking to get a little extra back on your budget.

Using that with virtual amps like Wagner Sharp or Studio Devil might give you a pretty decent effect. But I can't say I'm 100% sure about it, as I don't own a cord...and I'm pretty bad at guitar.

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What advantage does guitar to usb offer over plugging it straight into the rca jack?

It's a matter of impedance matching. Instruments which use passive pickup systems like guitars, basses and microphones have high impedance output, while RCA and other digital sources are of low impedance. Guitar -> USB -> PC works because the input (SHOULD) be converted to a low impedance signal making it cleaner, more expressive and electronically safer, guitar -> RCA (assuming the RCA connectors are those of the soundcard) does not do that, and your tone will sound flat, lifeless, full of strange noise and it won't respond as it should (you can also overload the input and destroy your interface).

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