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  1. Sorry about that, sir! I haven't been on OCR lately, with only e-mail notifications to remind me to visit every once in a while. But yeah, Brandon's right; my brother's band has got my POD but I know the guy who has been keeping it at his house, and he text messaged me today to let me know he wouldn't make it out today, but will do his best to drop it off before he goes to work tomorrow. He'll keep trying until he makes it work. He has ULTRA_long shifts so he can't come out after work, which would usually be more practical. Here's hoping that the delay hasn't pissed you guys off!
  2. Yeah Gario, I've filled out a Support Request form for Steinberg, telling them all the crap that just happened with my Cubase. So hopefully everything gets well by the end of the week, so I can meet some deadlines...and at least do something about the deadlines I've already missed on projects.
  3. Even more likely, now that my fucking Cubase license refuses to re-activate. Fuck my life, this is the worst.
  4. I'm glad that the date is extended, because I have to format my recording computer's hard drive and re-install everything. Hopefully I can do all that in the next couple of hours.
  5. Yeah sorry about that, just recently my recording computer stopped running my recording software. I've been waiting to format C: until I needed to...and it seems that's now. I'll try to get the re-installation finished as soon as I can, and then I'll finally have something to work with.

  6. Alright this time I'll make it past the first round. Okay probably not, but: 1) Bubble Crab (X2) 2) Slash Beast (X4) 3) Infinity Mijinion (X6) methinks.
  7. Alright I'm gonna go ahead and ask if I can claim Out Of Time. Can I claim Out Of Time? I'd really like to claim Out Of Time, if at all possible.
  8. Bitchez don't know about my making that song in 4 hours one day and not giving enough fucks to make it any less hilariously bad. Also, Cyril, Demi loves the tune. Thanks for fulfilling the request!
  9. Haha, I'm glad you like some of it. To be honest, the drunk people weren't even supposed to be the ship originally but after listening repeatedly, it sounded that way and I decided to leave it in. But mostly to partially mask my really terrible performance.
  10. Okay so my project file deleted itself but all of the audio remained. So I made a new project file, using the existing audio, and painstakingly put it all back in place and tried to mix it again, in an hour, so it might sound really sloppy and terrible when this MP3 finally uploads. For this, I apologize. Also, all of my drunk friends are in this MP3. I'm sorry about that too. EDIT: I am so...SO sorry for what you will hear in my track. Mostly the music; my drunk friends actually sort of mask the shittiness in the first portion of the song quite well. But for the remainder of the song, I apologize.
  11. Oh! Oh--oh! Well! I guess this is pretty cool news! ^__^
  12. Haha I will, I promise; the source is easy enough.
  13. I would play the shit out of this. <3
  14. Uh I just clicked the HUnewearl (Mascot 027 apparently) from Phantasy Star Online, and there's no mention of PSO Episodes I&II on Gamecube, only on the Xbox. I own the Gamecube version, in case there's any doubt. I know, I'm just nitpicking.
  15. Yeah mang, my finished tracks are all gonna be in loooong before the final due date; I'm just having computer trouble these days, as usual. Nothing life-threatening. ...yet.
  16. Okay dammit, my internet connection keeps cutting out just in time to completely ruin my upload attempts for both songs. They'll be in tomorrow (at least one of them will; I might work more on the surprise before unleashing it), I swear; I got no time to fix my connection today.
  17. So I'll have two things for you on this WiP date. One which you don't have from me, and the other's actually a surprise, you won't see it coming. But when it hits you, it'll hit you like a phone booth. Sound good?
  18. Alright I'll be handing my first WiP in soon. Less than an hour, just to prove to you I've been working on it, and then I'm going to start practicing for my other WiP again. Luckily for me, in an hour it will still be the 20th on the west coast. ;P
  19. Oh yeah, Monobrow, I'm jotted down for DQ3's "Requiem" but if I recall correctly I am actually all over DQ2's "All Hope Is Lost (Requiem)". No big deal though, sorry to bothah. ^__^
  20. If there was ever a Rock Band for me, this is it. Hopefully there's some Symphony X I can jam to. Oh wait, it's Rock Band. Maybe they should make Prog Rock Band just for me. Fuck everyone else, I wanna play some Eloy, some Camel, some Rush!
  21. Okay so you guys got my e-mail, right? It's clear I accepted, right? I wanna be sure.
  22. It's a sad, sad age when it's an accomplishment to beat a video game without savestates.
  23. Greetings, humans! I'm back! And this time with about 40% less suck! There's still 60% to take care of, but this time I'm confident that I can tackle a track BEFORE the last day of the challenge. So yeah, signed up + request submitted, I think this is a go for me :3
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