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Amazingly polished for being done in 48 hours. Could have been 48 days and I'd have believed you.

Great soundscape, good rhythms, and an amazing voice combine to make a really standout mix. The ending is cool, the lyrics really fit, and everything works really well to draw you in. Awesome.

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I'm not quite a lyrics hater, but I'm definitely a lot pickier about vocal mixes. That said, I love this mix. I love the way the atmosphere from the source was taken and amplified, and I love how the lyrics and vocals fit perfectly with the musical mood of the song. I definitely hear the "call of the deep" when I listen to this.

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This song has an eerie, haunting quality and I really like it. zircon’s writing is solid but unobtrusive and Jill’s vocals are, as always, stellar. The bells and the glockenspiel-ish thing provide a nice contrast with the deep backing synths and choirs. Also, I particularly like that percussion style. It actually reminds me of the Metroid Prime soundtrack, but it’s a bit less prominent. Which is a good thing in this case, I think. If it stood out any more it might overpower Jill’s vocals. Excellent work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01739 - Super Metroid "Kindred"

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