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Mega Man 3 'Spark Man Remix'


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So I decided to give the new age/ambient genre a run... I usually do trance/dance type stuff..if anything (at least in my mind) I need to put the finishing touches on this guy...let me know what you folks think.


you can listen to it right there or if you choose to do so, download it :D

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Here's the source tune:

I really pulled that up for myself, but I might as well post it.

All I can really say is that it sounds muffled until some of the background cuts out near the middle and end. I'm fine with that background track being muffled, because it adds to the ambient nature, but when it interferes with the rest of the sound it's a problem.

Aside from the muffledness, though, I like what you've got going here.

EDIT: Wow, auto-embedding! That's bad ass.

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That arpeggio synth is way too heavy on the lows, I'd stop the lows on its EQ around... 6dB, or so. Opening its cutoff towards 1:55 would be cool, tho not too much would easily screw with the ambient nature of the track.

The actual bass you have seems to clasha little with the otherwise synthetic soundscape you've got. I'd add an instrument to replace it with, but not remove the bass until I'm sure I've found a good replacement. Taking a backup before doing anything like that is usually a good idea anyway, so do that before anything else.

Bass solo was a nice break from the repetitive nature of the track, but it could use some more variation in soundscaping. Changing octaves, chord progression, instrumentation (without losing cohesiveness) tend to vary the soundscape quite well, and changing the rhythm of the drums and bass would change it further. I think it needs some more variation.

Source seems to be there, but bringing a lead (an ambient lead) from the mud of the mix, playing the melody would certainly improve mnost listeners ability to remember the theme. Honestly, I forgot it after I listened to your piece, so without changing the ambient nature of it, try to bring out the melodic content more.

Pretty good, but it can always get better.

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