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OC ReMix-inspired fanart


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So I joined the forums to wish bLiNd well after seeing it on the front page of the site, didn't really intend to post afterwards but have done so a few times anyway. I thought why not give posting a go, because I've gotten a lot from OCremix over the years, and it seems like a pretty decent community.

I don't have a musical bone in my body, but I'm somewhat of amateur fanartist, and a fair amount of my sketches have been done with some OCremix or another providing the main inspiration. I thought if I posted a handful of them with credit where credits due, a few of the mixers might see and get a kick out of them, even though they're nothing amazing.

First up is my most recent finished piece, a Chrono Trigger fanart inspired by Adadoss' "At the End of All Things" OCremix. Bit of a weird composition, with Lavos' destruction breaking things down, which reform into the End of Time:


Next up is a Twilight Princess fanart of the Skullkid and his Puppets, which I drew and wrote a little accompanying backstory to with DarkeSword's "Tattered Slippers" OCremix in the background:


This one is a little less than inspired, but I was nonetheless happy with it: Shadow of the Colossus fanart done along to Celli and Sephfire's "Snowfall on Forbidden Lands" remix:


Finally, this one's a bit older, FF6 fanart of Kefka admiring Ifrit in a holding tube in the Magitek factory. HEAVILY inspired by McVaffe's "DevilSLAB" remix.


So there we have it. I've got more fanart on my deviantART page, as well as a few misguided attempts at originality xD the rest of the fanart is either inspired directly by the game music or... well... a bit crappy. If anyone's particularly interested, I can post the link.

Feel free to drop me some comments or feedback, there's much room for improvement in my art, I know!

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;Thanks to the folks with nice things to say.

Thanks for the linkage Atmuh, I shall definitely take part in future ones, but isn't the deadline for this one like... now? xD

I do have something old I can contribute to the competition if that's allowed-a sketch of Cortez from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. Nothing great, but he's the best zombie-pirate-ghost I know, had to draw some sort of tribute with lack of fanart out there.

I figured submitting something not done specifically for the contest deadline might be a bit cheeky.

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