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New chiptune - Mechanical Cavern


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I made a new chiptune, despite being sick and having massive loads of homework!!! It's original, by the way.

http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/MechanicalCavern.it - For those who have ModPlug Tracker and want to hear it uncompressed.

http://dj17nario.googlepages.com/MechanicalCavern.mp3 - For those who don't have ModPlug Tracker and for whoever wants to listen to it on a media player via PC/MP3 player.

It's my first chiptune to have arpeggios in it. 0:53 totally reminds me of Torvus Bog. I hope you all enjoy it!

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About the intro: I wanted to give off the impression that the rest of the song was going to sound just like that. If people didn't like the intro then it would give them a reason to like the rest of the song. I hope the way I executed the surprise is decent at least.

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Believe me, I really want to make .nsf files. It's just, I have a barrier: figuring out FamiTracker. I'm sure I'll figure it out someday.

Also, thanks for checking out my song, RushJet1! Knowing how involved you are in the chiptune scene (and composing the music for a game, no less), it's a true honor to receive your input.

I tried contacting you on AIM so I could send you a link to my chiptunes, but every time I talked to you, you signed off immediately. Yeah... that was kinda awkward... :lol:

I'll probably update this in two weeks, so that it includes a mid-section.

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